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Dear Frederick! i wish you health, happiness, success. May all your dreams come true!

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Dear Frederick!
Thank you very much for your letter. I enjoy reading it.
at first i want to congratulate you on Christmas  and New year.
i wish you health, happiness, success. May all your dreams come true!
And now it's my turn to tell you about myself in detail.
I was born on the 22 of June in Novosibirsk. My native town is not very old but large , it has two century's history. The population is about 1400 thousand people. Novosibirsk is a regional center in the southeastern part of the West Siberian Plain.. It's situated on the Ob River. I like my town and enjoy to spend my spare time on the river's beaches or on the seashore.
I like to travel, so sometimes I have a rest in the Crimea.
I graduated from the Novosibirsk Teacher's Training University in 2005 and worked as a teacher of English at school for 3 years. Then I was invited to work as a teacher of English Grammar at the pedagogical university, I worked there for 5 years.
But two years ago because of the economical situation in the country I had to fire.
You see, we have some problem in the country. Our government considers that science isn't necessary for our society. They don't give enough money for education, fire teachers.
So, I am unemployed now  I get allowance. it's too difficult to survive but still...
I decided to change my profession and recently I was a  student again. I studied computer. I became a computer engineer after finishing the course this autumn. But still there is no work. Though i give some private lessons.
As for my family: I live with my mother and her husband; I have a younger brother, he is married and lives with his own family. I have a little niece. I love her very much. On the whole, I like children.
I have four pets: a dog and three cats.
 And what about your family? Do you have brothers or sisters?
 I see you  have two daughters.  Do you spend much time with them?
 You have an interesting job. Could you please tell me more about it? I've never been to casino, just saw in American films.
I hope to hear from you soon,
Ira from Novosibirsk
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Dear Ira,

Hi!  My name is Frederick.  I wrote to you before.  I'm sorry I haven't written in a long time, but I have recently had a new house built and moved in Orlando, Florida, so things have been very busy for me.  How are you and your daughter doing?  I hope very well!  I don't know if you have met someone since we last corresponded, but if not, I would love to get to know you better!  I hope to hear back from you soon! 

Take care!
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:09 Reply

  Hello Irina!
Let me introduce myself my name is Stephen I am emailing you from Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I saw your matchmaking profile on the Novosibirsk dating website and I am interested in knowing more about you. May I compliement on how very attractive you are it would be nice to know more about your interests and goals and the things inwhich you like to do in your sparetime.

Let me tell you a little more about myself I am 36 years old single never married and have no children.  I am a business owner and teacher at the Hospitality College.  I own a large catering firm and have a degree in Culinary Management which I teach at the City's college.  I own a home located close to the the centre of the city it is modern and comfortable with a large backyard for entertaining and gardening. I enjoy an active lifestyle and city living. My interest are in art, theater, music, cultural events, sports and cooking. 
I am a wonderful cook and am trained professionally as a chef maybe I can cook for you someday!
I like Novosibirsk women who are romantic socialable intellegent and have a great sense of humor. 
I would like to be with someone from Novosibirsk who has a sense of style or fashion and likes city living. 
Toronto is a very good city to live in its population is about 4.5 million people and is very similar to New York City in many ways. 
It is the centre of Finance and Commerce and is very busy with many different cultural things to do.
If you are interest in knowing more about myself or the city I live in please do email me.
Thankyou very much for your time and interest.

  Stephen from TORONTO, ONTARIO M6M 1B2 Canada

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 17:18 Reply
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