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Well, people think me to be rather romantic, this might influence the choice of my future professions

for Him

Hello dear Jeffrey!
Thank you for your letter, it was very nice to hear from you.
I'll try to tell you about myself and I will try to be objective. I am 25 years old. I am a rather pretty girl of some demands...I have a brother and lots of cousins. Well, people think me to be rather romantic, this might influence the choice of my future professions: I'm going to be a teacher and a lawyer. So, I am still a student, though I have already acquired a profession of a teacher of history and law.
My name  has many variants of pronunciation. This might explain my character being many-sided, but my nature may also be explained by my Zodiac sign - I am Pisces. This makes me rather unusual: I may be merry and carefree, sometimes I may seem reserved and shy...
I am interested in the Humanities. I am planning to attend some courses of specialized psychology. I am dreaming of studying foreign languages (I can't speak English).
I live in Ukraine which is the very border of European and Eastern cultures. My city Zaporozhye is on the river Dnieper, it is about an 3 hours drive from the Azov Sea. I enjoy being among people, I love animals very much, too. I enjoy riding a horse, I love dogs, they are very devoted, devotion is what I value most. I often miss it. I know for sure the only wealth a woman can have is her family and children! A normal happy family always consists of loving parents and kids. My father made me get used to strict order, he implanted the wish for self-improvement. Each of my achievements was willingly praised though. I am rather "spoilt" :0), but I know I can always rely on my parents. I enjoy being with people who are mature and interesting, who have much to tell and teach. I am rather inquisitive and I am interested in meeting new people and discovering new things. I want to meet the man I will trust.  Trust is a very many-sided word to me... I haven't met such man yet. I respect responsibility, devotion, I can't stand hypocrisy, impudence and rudeness. I can't forgive (I never stay angry with somebody long, I may be on friendly terms with a person, but my heart will never let them in again).I also think marriage to be based on refined diplomacy. Two people must be responsible and reliable. Do you remember the saying of a famous writer, "We are responsible for those we tamed".
I spend my free time dependently on my mood. I may sit in front of a fire place listening to the fire and woods talking to each other, I may spend the sunrise on the beach when it is absolutely deserted. Sometimes when I need to regain energy I may have a contrast shower or a bath and that will be enough to feel happy again. I enjoy picnics and visiting sauna and discos sometimes... I am a girl of the refined taste, I enjoy modeling and decorating my home. My element is water (I can't live without the sea, rivers...swimming, running, walking, driving in a car, riding a horse...these are my preferences!). My favorite animals are dogs, dolphins, horses... I have a cat Vikont, in our family he is a member of full rights. We used to have a dog, but he was very old and died. We don't want to have another one for my mother still feels pains caused by our dog's death..
I may seem to be rather talkative, but I just want to be depict my portrait in detail. It may seem to be quite exotic and too "saturated'...This might be explained by the place where I was born. I live in the south of Ukraine, my city is on the river Dnieper (it is one of the longest rivers in Europe) and it is only an 5 hours drive from the Black Sea. There are many beaches and parks in the city.
My favorite authors are Astrid Lindgren, Lewis Carrel, Jack London, G.Byron,  W.Shakespeare, A. Green, O. de Balzac, Ernest Hemingway, M. Bulgakov, Salinger, etc.
My favorite movies are "Green Mile", all films by Stanly Coobrik, Francis Coppola. I like horror films, but I am a rather coward person, and if you provide protection we might watch horror films together :0)
Music that I like is very diverse. I listen to Adriano Chelentano, "Blue", "Queen", Robbie Williams, Sade, ABBA, Depeche Mode...
I like to cook something tasty sometimes if I am in a mood for it. And I always try to follow the Bible commandment which is a golden rule for me - always treat people the way you want them to treat you.
with love,

Anna from Zaporizhzhia
Ukraine girl ​Anna from Zaporizhzhia matchmaking agencyMy cat Vikont
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Hello Anna!

My name is Henry.  I live in Florida in the United States of America.  I am 35 years old and I have never been married and have no children.  I am a tile setter and am looking for my soulmate to marry and have a family.  I am a very loving and caring man.  I am Roman Catholic and my grandparents came to America from Italy in the early 1900s.  If you would like to know more about me, please write me back. 
I look forward to your response. 
Take care!

Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:06 Reply
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