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Hello, Nicholas! I want to congratulate you with the Day of your Birth !

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Hello , Nicholas! 
I was glad to receive your letter . I want to congratulate you with the Day of your Birth ! I'd like to wish you happiness and that all your dreams will be fulfilled .
As you know , I have a daughter Masha . She is 2 and my mother looks after her . She is 43. Her name's Svetlana . She is a ukrainian housewife . My father's name is Aleksey . He is 47. He works in the Mykolaiv University as a teacher . I have a sister Valentina . Next month she'll be 20 . She is not married .
She studies and lives in another city Lviv. As for me I work in the Court . Before this I entered the Juridical College ,then I worked as a jurist at the plant , and then I entered the Institute . I divorced with my husband before our daughter was born . It's very difficult for me to write about this.
The date of my birth is 11.05.1989 . I live 15 years in Nikolaev . Our town is not big but very nice . It is situated not far from the Black Sea and Azov Sea . There are many beautiful places in our region .
I send you my photos. Well , I'll be waiting for your letter every day.
     Respectfully yours ,
                                         Marina from Nikolaev
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Hello Marina,
    I thank you for your letters today.  I was a little confused though.  I don't know why you think that I am jealous.  Jealous of who or what.   But yes I am lonely and it does give me great joy in talking to you.  Time does heal but time alone doesn't heal loneliness.  I am glad to hear that the weather is nice there.  You asked me what kind of woman I would like to see beside me.  I would like to see someone who is strong mentally.  Who can look after them selves.  Someone who knows that sacrafice is part of a relationship to make it stronger and that we don't live in a fairytale.  Someone who can tell me how they feel good and bad about me or our relationship.  I have not learned the trait of reading minds.  Someone who values a sincere realitionship.  I try to be very open and honest.  You are right I am kind and affectionate by nature.  Thank you for the compliment.
  As for you and the farm thing.  I had to ask you so that you would think about it.  I know that you are trying to be a lawyer.  But the laws are different here I don't know if your schooling would work in north America.  I am not even sure if your nursing would allow you to get a job here.  I don't tell you this to discourage you just to let you know.  There is a hospital and lawyer offices in the town close to where I live.
  Do you see a man like myself in you future?  Would you keep writing to me?  Do you think you have the traits the I am looking for? Nicolai is home now I talked to him tonight.  He is doing well I miss him so much.  Well write me back and tell me if you would like to be a queen in my humble home.  I thought I would send you a picture of my new home. 
I hope to hear from you soon. 
Your Nicholas

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