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Hello, Tom! I have a daughter and a son, who live separately in other towns.

for Him

Hello, Tom!
Thank you very muchf ro your letter. So, I'll tell you about myself:
I am divorced for two years. I was married for 20 years. I have a daughter and a son, who live separately in other towns.
My daughter Julia is 21 , lives and studies in Omsk, she studies at the university.
My son Victor, soon he'll be 20, lives in a small town not far from Ufa. He has his own flat, lives with his girlfriend, and works as an engineer-programmer and studies at technical university.
Now I live alone in my flat, work as a shop-assistant at drug's store. After work I like to read, watch TV, do the work about the house. In summer I prefer to spend time at the water.
I am looking for a reliable man who will love me and whom I'll love, a sincere, faithful man.
I don't like lies, betrayal.
Tom, please rwite motre about yourself, send me your picture please.
I am sending you my pictures, one photo is with my daughter, my son doesn't like take pictures.
Irina from Krasnoyarsk

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Hello, Irina!

I happen upon your dating profile and thought that you'd be an interesting person to get to know.  I'm not looking for a mate right away because I believe that in any kind of relationship that friendship must come first.  And that means getting to know one another.  Eventually I would like to find Krasnoyarsk woman to share my life with.  I want someone who will stand by me and who will be my partner.  Relationships should be equal.  I would also like to find someone who is kind, decent, intelligent, and has a sense of humor.  Let me start by telling you a little about me.  I hope that will interest you in writing me back.  I'm a cute, single, 42 year old Asian guy.  I have never been married and I do not have children unless of course you consider pets as children.  Heehee.  I am 5'6", and weigh 145 lbs.  I do have a matchmaking profile with a picture. 

I live in the US.  I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in finance and a minor in psychology.  All my business classes were beginning to bored me so I took psych to get a little variety.  Plus it was something I was interested in.  Anyway, people always say that it's an interesting major and minor to have together.  I think they fit perfectly.  In fact, it's sort of what has gotten me into the job I'm currently holding. 

Right now I'm working for a managed mental healthcare company.  I'm an underwriter, which is a fancy name for someone who helps determine the prices we charge our customers for our services.  Our services are called employee assistance programs, which are sort of phone lines which help people when they have problems at home and need someone to help them solve those problems.  Anyway, companies purchase our services so that we can help them get their workers back to work sooner and with less absenteeism.  And if it turns out that they need to talk with clinical psychologists we have a network which we set appointments up for them and it's free to the employees.  The companies usually pay for this service so employees don't have to pay to see a clinical psychologist.  I guess some of the problems we deal with are marital, family, stress, alcoholism, and any sort of mental disorders.  Oddly enough, before I got a job here I had never even heard of these kinds of programs but this company has been in business for decades so I guess other people have. 

I've only lived in Utah for some 25 years.  I've been in Salt Lake City for about 13 years now.  Before that, I lived in Taiwan where I was born.  I'm the only one in my family still living in Utah.  My parents, brother and sister live in California.  My brother use to live in Oregon where he worked for Nike but he quit and moved to California.  So I'm the only one in my family that isn't in California now.  Anyway, in a month the winter Olympics will be in this city so if you watch any of it, you can see where I live. 

I'm currently living in an apartment with my pride and joy.  He's name is Cyan and he's a 9 and year old cat.  This little guy comes to the door when I come home and just likes to be around me constantly.  Plus he has absolutely no desire to go outside.  I can have my apartment door wide open and he wouldn't go out.  Sometimes when I'm typing on my computer he likes to jump on my lap and sit there.  And it's funny because I use to be just a dog person.  I didn't like cats whatsoever.  But a girl at my first job had a kitten which she couldn't keep because she was moving into an apartment complex which didn't allow pets so she asked if anyone in the department would like a kitten.  Another girl got him first but her husband was allergic to Molly, which was the name the first girl had given Cy.  Of course she thought Cy was a girl too at the time.  Heehee.  So I offered to take him in.  He was so tiny and everything.  He was a store bought pet so I guess I can't say that I saved him from death or anything unless she was going to put him in a shelter if no one took him. 

I think I'm a good listener also.  And I'm open-minded and laid back.  I try to be sensitive to the feeling of my friends since I wouldn't want anyone to trample on my feelings either.  I have a good sense of humor.  I enjoy watching football and basketball.  Mostly I work now.  On occasion I hang out with my friends.  I always enjoy that.  And sometimes it is fun to go on trips with them. 

I'm pretty open to chatting about anything.  I would like to chat with someone who doesn't mind telling me about their lives as well as discussing the latest news item about the world around us.  You can never have too many friends.  Anyway, if you're looking for someone normal I qualify.  I hope you will want to write me and maybe we'll become friends.  Can you maybe tell me more about yourself?  I know that's sort of broad but anything you say is okay.  And if you have questions for me, that is fine.  I hope I hear from you. 

Your new friend,


Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 United States
I'm currently living in an apartment with my pride and joy.He's name is Cyan and he's a 9 and year old cat.
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Hello Irina,
Just wanted to tell you I think you are very beautifull and was hopeing thay we could get to know each other.
I,m writting a few lines but will write you much more if you are interested in me.
I hope very much to hear from you.
Bye for now,
Take care.

Guest Guest 26 July 2018 08:02 Reply
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