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But I went to the dating agency to look for the only man, but still without success.

for Him

Hello, Stan!
I am glad to meet you and would like to know more about you.
I am a sociable person and I like to have new acquaintances. But I went to the russian marriage agency to look for the only man, but still without success. Frankly speaking, i have doubts : can it be done with the help of correspondence? How do you think?
Some words about myself. I live in Voronezh, which is situated in the southern Russia on the river Voronezh. In spite of our living near the river, I prefer to spend time on the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, lately I go there not so often as I'd like.
i work as an accountant and my work takes much time, that's why i can't write often. I am sorry for that.
I prefer to go with my friends out of town, go to the theatre, exhibitions or just walk in my free time. In warm seasons Voronezh is very green and beautiful. Do you have cherry-trees? I like very much when this tree is in blossom.
Besides, i go to sport dancing, I like to draw. In my family everybody has a talent to art. My mother drew very well, but she did it to herself at young age only. My russian granny embroidered different pictures very well. My younger brother has a beautiful voice, he was even invited to study at private school for free, but now he is fond o music in style "rap" and looks for opportunity to produce his own song. I also like drawing, using pencil and Indian ink.
I can say I am energetic person and can't imagine myself as a housewife.
I'd like to know why you used the Voronezh marriage agency. Please tell me about you family, parents. How do you imagine your future family, relations? why are you looking for a woman abroad?
when is your birthday?
Hope to hear from you,
with best wishes,
Lilia from Voronezh
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Dear Agency manager,

I intend to travel to Voronezh in August. Next monday (22) I will have
the visa. I am being asking for a ticket and the fly to Saratov cost more
than tree times than to Moscow, and also I must wait till next day in
Frankfurt or Vienna. So I mind to go to Moscow and take a train to
Voronezh. I think it takes 7-8 hours. I think this travel, if I can
take the train on time, don't last more time than flying to Saratov and
waiting till next day in the airport. I will be most grateful if you can
tell to me about. I don't discard to go by car if I have problems wit
the ticket.

I would like to know about accommodation at Voronezh.

Now I have letters with tree ladies,  Mrs. Lilia Torlovskaya (Kd335),
Mrs. Irena Kutsebol (rI39) and Mrs Elena Tyaberdyina (eI42). I don't know
in this cases how is your usual procedure. Of course I don't like to
disturb nobody of this ladies, but I think they must know this

I have told to this tree russian ladies that I will send a long text about me.
If you must translate, I will sent this text as an attach, to translate
only one time and  give a copies to each one. Is the same text I have
sent to Mrs. Irena Kutsebol(rI39) as attach (MIFILOSE.RTF), because I
know she know English perfectly. The RTF format is managed without
problem with MSWord.

I would like to send some images about my city to this tree russain ladies. I
would like how much size is possible to send, and also if I must send to
this tree ladies separately or only one copy to your offices?

Best regards

 Santander - CANTABRIA 

Guest Guest 24 July 2018 10:33 Reply
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