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I am 23 years old, 1.75 cm, 63 kg, I have green eyes and blond hair. I live in Kaliningrad with my mother.

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Hi Louis,
Thank you for your letter.
Well... now I will try to tell you more about myself.
I am 23 years old, 1.75 cm, 63 kg, I have  green eyes and blond hair.
I live in Kaliningrad  with my mother. My father is dead 6 years ago.
My elder sister is married and lives in another country ( in Israel ).
I finished an economic college. My speciality is a book-keeper.
Now I work  as an expert valuation of real estate and equipment.
I like my job. This is an interesting, creative, developing job.
Sometimes it is a very difficult and a nervous process.
I have never been married. And  I have no children. I don`t smoke, drink (just
socially) and I don`t take the drugs.
I like to study, to travel, and  picnic on the nature, sports ( I visit aerobics 3 time  a week) and  I like visiting sauna.
I like  art ,  theatre,  reading, different kinds of music....
I send you some of my photos..

Well, now I finish.

I  am waiting for your answer

I wish you a beautiful day,

Irina from Kaliningrad

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Hello Irina,
I am a new member and I would like to correspond with you.
I plan to visit Kaliningrad very soon and would love to have a chance to meet you!
I hope to hear from you very soon!
Best wishes!
Guest Guest 25 July 2018 17:36 Reply
  My Dear Ladies from Kaliningrad,
I am writing in hope to get to know you better and start a relationship in letters and hope to meet someone in person soon.
I have been looking through the Kaliningrad dating website for over a year and have been skepticle of meeting someone so far away.
I hope to find a beautiful russian woman to share my life with and who has inner beauty as well.
I would like to come to Kaliningrad in January or Febuary to meet you in person.
I have made up my mind that if I meet someone I am attracted to, the other side of the world is not far at all.
So I am writing in hope of hearing back from you and starting a relationship via email at first.
I live in the country, not far from the ocean. I love children and family.
I have 2 sons ages 12 and 13 who live with thier mother but I see them all the time.
I want to find a sexy Kaliningrad woman I can care for and love.
If this may be you please write and lets get to know one another.
  Warmest Regards
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 13:57 Reply
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