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Hello, Raffaele! I smiled when I was trying to read those lines of the Italian song you wrote to me.

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Hello, Raffaele!
I hope you’re doing O.K. Sorry for being silent for a while… I smiled when I was trying to read those lines of the Italian song you wrote to me. Your translation definitely helped to understand the meaning of the lines, yet I could guess the meaning of some words myself as in my opinion they sound somewhat similar to English. I think I never heard that song. Who is singing it? Is it a modern song or just a sweet old Italian song? By the way, speaking about music… You know, one of my favorite singers is Eros Ramazzotti. I have a cassette with his songs at home and I really like to listen to some of his songs in the morning. I especially like “Coze Della Vita/ Can’t Stop Thinking of You”, “Piu’ Bella Cosa”, “Se Bastasse Una Canzone, “Un’altra Te”. Of course, I can’t understand what he is singing about, I just like the melodies and I feel that those songs are very romantic… Unfortunately, my tape recorder isn’t new and some time ago it must have decided to have snack and “chewed” the cassette with Eros’ songs. Pity… Well, I guess I should have started this letter thanking you for your kind invitation to come to you country. Are you serious? I mean, that would be just wonderful if I could visit you there and the two of us would do some sight seeing! I am very grateful to you that you mentioned you would take care about any arrangements needed, as it would be probably very difficult for me to do that on my own. Raffaele, I accept your kind invitation, yet I would really like to hear from you what time you consider the best for me to come to Italy (taking consideration your job schedule and probably some family matters) and how much time you could find for me? As for me I have a pretty flexible schedule… Raffaele, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions… I just can’t help wondering what kind of place you live in? I know you live on Lake Garda, very close to Verona and not far from Milan, but I wonder, do you live in the country, in the suburbs of Verona or in the small city? I had a look on the map and I found the lake on it, yet I am interested to know more about the place where you live. Do you live on your own? Do you live in the house or to you rent an apartment? Am I right thinking that Venice is also very close to you? You told me that you grew up in Milan and that your parents have a small house on Sardinia island – is it where your parents live now? I am sorry if I sound too curious. (Smile!) Well, I guess you also want to know more about me. More about my hobbies perhaps?.. You see, I believe I have already told you the basic things I like to do. What can I add? There’s one thing I believe I haven’t told you yet- last winter I was really fond of ice- skating. A skating- rink was opened in Nizhny Novgorod and so I tried ice- skating for the first time in my life being no longer a child (Smile!) That was fun! In general, I like trying something new when I have a chance to. But I’m reasonable in that- I’m just looking for new interesting experience, not just taking a risk! I would like to try scuba- diving some day and I would like to make a parachute jump, I would like to learn to play tennis and to drive a car really good… Do you have something to offer? Do you have a special hobby? Would you be interested to know what my favorite food is? Well, I adore milk- shakes! All kinds of them. I also like many dishes of the Ukrainian/Russian cuisine, but I doubt that you know any of them. Nizhny Novgorod is just a not small city, but there is no possibility to taste a Mexican, Italian, Japanese cuisine:(  I mean, I have tried just some dishes and it is not enough to judge. What about you? What kind of food do you like? (Italian, I guess - Smile!) Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for sending me a "butterfly". I hope one day I will see it flying... in my plate (Smile!) I am going to attach a couple of me recent pictures for you - hope you will like them. I’ll be waiting for your letter.
Warm wishes from Olga
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
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Hi Olga!

I hope you're fine. I'm sorry for being silent for a while...I'm completing the last step to get ready with all the documents, the bank guarantee and other insurances are taking longer than I thought but we're are just approaching the goal :-)
I promise to write you back a longer letter as soon as I have sent you the packet with all the papers.

I send you a big CIAO and I wish you a good week-end!

Raffaele :-)

Guest Guest 7 August 2018 15:54 Reply
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