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I would like to love and be loved , find my personal happiness and make my children happy too.

for Him

hi, Orion!
 i am glad to your letter.
 I live in not a big but cozy green town Rostov-on-Don that is in the south of  Russia. Our town is on the river  Don, one of the biggest rivers in Europe. The black sea is not far from our place, in an 5 housr  driving  by  car.
  I am 30, I was born on 7 the of  November, I have a fair hair  and  green eyes, my  height is 170cm and weight is 56kg.
i divorced   2 years ago . I bring up two daughters-twins, in July they will be 7.
 I spend all my spare time with them.
 we  do  everything together.
 We live  in a cozy apartment. we have  a cat and like it very  much.
 I like  growing the home flowers. In my apartment there are lots of  flowers.
 i work in children's polyclinic as a doctor-laboratory-assistant. I have  graduated from the  medical university. when I work my children are in the  kindergarten.
 I would like to love  and be loved , find  my personal happiness and make  my  children happy  too. I dream about strong, friendly family  with tender , kind and calm  man.
 I like merry communication, appreciate  trust, faithfulness, care about each other. I would like to be proud of  my  husband  and his  successes.
 I like to make  pleasant  surprises, give  and get  presents.
 I am easy-going person, and can understand  and forgive  much.
 But  betray, distrust are  not  understandable for me. It's good when one can share the joy with  somebody.
 tell  me,please, in detail about yourself.
 What future  wife  would you leek to have?

Maria from Rostov-on-Don
divorced woman Maria from Rostov-on-Don matchmaking agencyMy daughters-twins
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Hello Maria,

I hadn't heard from you and was hoping you are okay.
Don't worry, I know you are busy.  Just wanted to drop
a line and let you know that I was thinking about you
and counting the days till we can be together.

I always listen to music on the radio when I go to
sleep and sometimes when I wake up in the middle of
the night I am surprised by the song that I hear.
Last week on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I woke up
from a dream, which I don't really remember, but it
must have been about you, because the song that was
playing made me think of you.  I suppose you have
never heard "A Girl Like You" by The Troggs, come to
think of it I hadn't till I heard it that night, but I
can't listen to the song now (I am purchasing the CD
that it is on) with out thinking about you.

I have found a service that can provide translated
phone calls and or video messages it you are
interested.  We could talk on the phone sometime, or
if you are willing, the same company can come to you
and tape a 5 min video, which they will mail to me.  I
will pay for either, if you would like.  Waiting till
September just seems like too long.  If you are not
interested, that is fine.

I await your reply,


Guest Guest 25 July 2018 17:25 Reply
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