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I want to meet such man who would care about me and would be tender, love and respect me.

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Hello, Danny!
 Thank you for the letter. I liked it   very  much. I would like to  meet you closer. I live on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains in town Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk is a very  beautiful and  green  town. It is on the river  Miass If you come I'll show  you the  most   beautiful  places of our town. I live  with  my   mother in   two roomed apartment. My   mother is 52. We  work  together in one  plant. I work as a laboratory assistant on  producing the  glass packing. I  have   never  been  married and  no  children. By  character I am kind, responsible, marry  and communicative  person.
 Now I'll  answer  your questions. I want to  meet    such   man who would  care  about   me and would  be tender, love and respect   me. But I don't want  to show  before  friends  my tenderness, because I think that these feelings I want  to show  when we'll be  alone. I like sports(I  play  badminton and like  swimming). I am not against  my future  children  go in for  sports. I like  nature  very  much and  dream to  be   in  nature  with  my future  husband  and  children very often.
 In general I would like  to  create a  strong and  friendly  family.
 I have some  questions to  you.
 Have you ever  been  married?
 Do you have  children/
 Would you like to learn Russian?
 What are your hobbies?
 Hope to hear from you soon.
 Yours  Olga from Chelyabinsk
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Hello Olga,
Yes, I did not originally receive any email from you, but now it seems that things are working properly. 

Could you please confirm if you previously received my other emails, specifically the email express letter I sent?

I will provide the answers to your other questions:
Social Status: Single
Height: 195 cm Weight: 95 kg
Date of birth: February 23, 1979
Education: College degree
Occupation: Operations Director for Logistics Company

You should already have my photo, which I sent earlier with the profile.  If not, please let me know and I will resend it.

You have many beautiful women there.  I am hopeful that I will finally find my russian wife.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Danny Putnam

Guest Guest 24 July 2018 15:59 Reply
Hello, Olga!

My name is Rob. 
I am a succesful farmer by American Standards and am looking abroad for a nice russian lady from Chelyabinsk to share my life and create a family with.  I saw your ad and wanted to write you and see if you might be interested in talking. 
I look forward to your response and hope to hear from you soon.

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 13 September 2018 20:53 Reply
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