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I'm not married, no children. I try to be active. I'm sociable, optimistic, emotional with a good sense of humor and intuition.

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Hi David !
Thank you for your letter. I was very glad to get it.
My name is Rita. I was born on the 13rd of November 1978. My height is 160 cm, weight 60 kg. I have red hair and green eyes. I live in Krasnoyarsk in the Siberian part of Russia. 1 050 000 people live here. I have an own apartment in multi-storeyed house. I work at medical establishment, I do preventive measures of poisoning by pesticides. I read special medical literature a lot, especially on healthy way of life, correct meals, Chinese medicine, environmental protection.
I'm not married, no children. I try to be active. I'm sociable, optimistic, emotional with a good sense of humor and intuition. I'm honest, loyal and devoted. I don't like flattering, lies or thrift. I'm kind, delicate. I don't smoke, occasionally drink, against drugs. I believe in God, but not fanatic. I like different types of music, including classical. I like movies, theater, museums, exhibitions. I like to visit Moscow - the capital of Russia. I like traveling, flowers, fresh air, sea and everything beautiful. I love life, especially if it's successful. I want to love and to be loved. I would like to have a real gentleman beside and to be a real lady with him. I hope to have sincere relationship. I would like to meet you here. I want to enjoy life, but it's impossible staying alone.
I agree there is no perfect people, but everybody needs try to become such. I don't know English, but I want to learn it very much.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Rita from Krasnoyarsk
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I could go to Krasnoyarsk in July or August.
Is it a nice period to meet women in your Krasnoyarsk agency?
I mean : we are on holidays and may be they are at the beach for example.
Also, do I meet russian women in your agency ?

Guest Guest 25 July 2018 15:31 Reply
Hello, Rita! 
My name is Todd. 
I live in the American state of Arkansas.  It is the best state in America to live because the country air is fresh and clean. 
I am a fairly prosperous farmer who because I am tied down so much rarely has a chance to socialize. 
Consequently, I find myself alone and longing for a family.  Your ad caught my attention and I would like to open communications with you. 
I find the allure of an Exotic Siberian lady from Krasnoyarsk to be of great interest. 
Please feel free to send a communique and perhaps we can become better aquainted. 

  Arkansas, USA
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 13 September 2018 20:46 Reply
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