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I need a serious independent man who will be good husband and father for my son.

for Him

hello, Tommy!
I am glad that you are interested in me.
I have a son, he is 7 years old. His name is Igor. he studies at school. he goes in for sports. I devote all my free time to him. I try to be mother and father at the same time to him.
By profession I'm a hairdresser. But now I work as a manager at a private firm.
I was married for 9 years. Now I am alone and would to have family. I need a serious independent man who will be good husband and father for my son. In my turn I'll try to make him happy.
I like cooking, knitting, sewing, reading, listening to music. since childhood I went in for sports. I try to keep myself fit. I lead a healthy way of life.
I appreciate many good qualities in people. I can't forgive betrayal, lies.
I am an easy-going, open, kind. I treat people the way I want them to treat me.
Tommy, please write me about yourself.
where do you live? who are your parents? what's your profession? where do your work? Have you ever been married? Do you have children?
what do you like to do ?
I am interested in everything.
Inna from Voronezh
alone woman Inna from Voronezh matchmaking agency

Hello dear Inna!
Thank you for your for your letter. Thank you for being understanding too. Then girl I wrote with was not from a Voronezh dating agency she was from 1 of the free web sites, and I sent her 60$ every month to her every month because she claimed to be in a matchmaking agency they wanted that money every month to translate for us. And that is why we got no help because it was a scammer dating agency. Well please forget about this now I believe you are a very decent Voronezh girl and want to forget my bad experiences. I have talked to my parents and they think it will be best if you will come here with your mother you are both very welcome here, my parents know everything about you of course. I am very grateful that you and your mother want to come here I appreciate it very much! You are welcome to stay here a week or just a long weekend it is up to you, you think about it. And I have talked to my parents and they are very down to earth people like me too and they like sometimes to sit and talk with your mother while we are alone sometimes and have fun and getting to know better, because it will be difficult if we are never alone I hope you agree ? And of course your mother will be shown Copenhagen too with you but again of course we sometimes can go alone to find out if we are for each other it is a bit difficult if your mother is there all the time :)) so my parents will sit and talk with your mother in the evening and maybe drink a glass of red wine or a cup of coffee. We have a guest room too to you and your mother but of course I hope but of course you decide that at that time if you will stay with me in my room but I just like you to know that you will have your own room. And as I told I will pay everything for you because I invite you here so I hope you will accept that. When the times is right I will send you some money to passports and visas and when they are ready I will transfer some flight tickets to you as you can pick up in the Copenhagen airport. But as I told I will know you a bit better before planning and I have to save up some money. Maybe we can apply for visa in July but it can take 4 - 8 weeks to get I have read the rules so maybe we can first meet in mid or late August because I have to save up those money because as I told you I have promised my parents to go with them to Tunisia in August too it is something we have planned for a LONG time ago. But maybe we can meet before maybe much more before I hope so but I cannot promise anything but I will do everything I can to save up the money. And I will not haste anything like you say we have to be sure but please let us see what happens in the next future soon. There is just 1 thing I like you to know and that is that I am very interested in you. And I do understand that you want your mother to go with you , of course I respect that , you do not know who I am but then if we like each other then I will invite you again short after and then you know me and then you can come alone, or maybe I can come to you but that is in the future. I am waiting for your next letter and like to know if you like to talk in the next week on the Monday.
Yours Tommy

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Hello, Inna!
Thank you for the email.  Here are the answers to your questions for my
Social Status: Divorced....2 years ago
Real height/weight. 5'8"/170lbs
Real Date of Birth. 4/6/78
Education. Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering
Current occupation (position). Project Engineer for Lowrance
I don't have any pets.
I live in a house in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I prefer not to disclose my income at this time....I will tell you
I have included some additional pictures. One of me several years ago and
one of my house....the house only gets snowfall once or twice a year.

I have had several ladies already write me.  One of them was a lady that I
had picked from dating list... It'S you!(Inna from Voronezh).  I will
write a separate letter for my pretty lady.

Thank You,


Guest Guest 24 July 2018 21:16 Reply
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