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I like rest near the water(river, sea). But I can afford it only in summer during my holiday.

for Him

Hello, Otis!
 Thank you for the letter. I live  in a big town Zaporizhzhia that is in the south of Ukraine. Now we have  the beginning of  spring and it seems to me  it's  a nice  season of the year. The nature awakes, the first flowers appear and  my favorite  flowers are tulips now. The sun is  shining  brightly and  the  sky  becomes  very  blue. Not  the nature  but  people  change  too. The eyes are shining with  joy and I see lots of  smiles on  faces, spring is the time of  hopes. In general  lots of people  like to visit our town, so I invite  you to come to our place and I  am sure  you'll like it. I also  like travelling  very   much  and  walking. I am going to  buy the  dog  and it's  will be pleasant to walk  together  with it.
 I like  rest  near  the  water(river, sea). But I can afford it only in summer  during  my  holiday. I like reading books  very  much, now I am fond of  fantasy and detectives.
 I adore to  knit, embroider, sew. And I am  lucky  because   my  work coincides with  my hobby.
 Otis, ask  me any questions you like and I'll answer with pleasure.
 What  books do you like to read?
 tell me  about your  job in detail.
 Do you have lots of friends?
 Do you like animals?
 Where did you study?
 Elena from Zaporizhzhia

P.S. I send you a photo from the vacation in the Crimea, Evpatoria
Ukrainian Girl photo from the vacation in the Crimea, Evpatoriasexy lady photo from the vacation in the Crimea, Evpatoriacompetition for the best swimwear in the Crimea, Evpatoria
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Hello Elena,
It is now my turn to apologize for not replying faster. My partner has been taking some personal time off so I have been filling in for him. It sounds like you had a great time in Czechia and will have many memories from that place !! How long were you there ??
There is really not too much new in my life although I am planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand in the middle of October. The season there is mostly spring with the temp. around 30. I have never been there before so it will be quite a different adventure. Perhaps soon I will be able to venture to the Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia...what will the weather be like in December ?
You said you had some new pictures for me...yeah, I love to get photos and can't wait for you to send me yours !!
Hope this week is very relaxing for you, both at home and work.
Take good care,
(Philip Francosi)

Guest Guest 25 July 2018 12:52 Reply
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