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I divorced 5 years ago and live with my mother and my son Konstantin.

for Him

Hello, Alastair!
Thank you for your letter.
I am 28y.o. I live in Lviv, nice middle city in the west of Ukraine.  The Poland  is not far from Lvov.
 I divorced 5 years ago and live with my mother and my son Konstantin. my mother is a retired and the son is 4y.o ( he will be 5 in June).. he goes to Kindergarten and is fond of sport and drawing. we live in a two room apartment on the 9 floor. but I dream to live in my own house, have a small garden. I have brother Gena, he is 40. I finished musical college and can play the violoncello and piano. I like studying so I have some professions- tailor, accountant and a medical nurse. now I work as a manicurist and play the orchestra.
By nature I am kind, tender, calm, understanding person. I am caring, warm-heated and would like to have more children and that in our family there will be Love, Happiness, Joy.
 I like warmth and the sun, and now the spring is coming at last..  I like nature very much and active rest : trips to the seaside, swimming, diving, walks in the yacht or boat, horse riding, picnics with friends, hiking...
 I enjoy seeing museum and theaters, exhibitions and picture galleries, I like dancing and singing, reading.
I often go to the country to enjoy nature.
 do you like traveling? I like traveling very much.
tell more about your family, you character. What are your dreams and plans on future?
Hope to hear from you soon,
  with best wishes,

Eugenia from Lviv, west Ukraine

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Hi Eugenia!
Thank you for your beautiful letter.  You are very beautiful and I am honored with your response.  I think it is obvious that most men join Lvov dating agency, because of the attractive woman like yourself.  And honestly that is one of the reasons that I wrote to you, but the main reason that I joined....I feel a person from your country would appreciate the little things (and also the big things) that I have to offer in relationship.

 I hope I can be the type of man to fulfill your dreams.  I look forward to corresponding with you often.

Mikey Michael 41 years old

PS  I am currently traveling, when I return I will send you pictures of my girls, my home, and different pictures of me.
Guest Guest 25 July 2018 12:50 Reply
 Hey again, Eugenia, it's Ken.
There's something else I wanted to tell you, and I just hope that when you read it, it makes you feel good, because it makes me feel good to say it...After seeing your video at Lvov matchmaking agency and all, I don't know. I don't know you, but that smile on your face, you're voice, and pretty much everything about you makes me smile like I haven't in a long time. When I look at you and hear you speak I feel really good. It's kind of hard to explain, but I do...So I wrote this song for you in the past few hours, it's actually kind of a sad song since you are not here, but at the same time all my hope and want for you is in this song. I can't play it for you on here, but i can write you the words out on here. So here it is. It's called "I'll Catch You"

I'll Catch You

Can you sleep as the sound hits your ears one at a time?
An unspoken balance here, unabridged for so many years.
That I should stare at recievers to recieve her, isn't fair.

Don't worry I'll catch you
Don't worry I'll catch you
Don't ever worry...

You're arms in mine.
I wouldn't trade anything, you're still my everything.
To my surprise before my eyes...you arrive...

Don't worry I'll catch you.
Don't worry I'll catch you.
Don't ever worry...

Still breaking old habits, habits.
You pulled the wool over me.
I can see everything, everything.
Remembering...."Jinx" removing...

Don't worry I'll catch you
Don't worry I'll catch you
Don't ever worry...

No need for reminding...
You're still all that matters to me...

So thats my song to you. I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it. I guess for lack of better words after seeing you and hearing you, you've given my life, and my soul some kind of meaning. Thats why I wrote what I did. Now I'm just worried I'll scare you off. I do have goals in my life, but right now I'm very focused on wanting to be with you if it's at all possible. I think if you were on my side we could do anything. Actually I don't think that, I know that....So please if you could, give me a little chance...I won't let you down. Just please give me a chance and talk to me and I promise you I'll do whatever I can to make sure you're happy, but more importantly to make sure there is always a smile on your face.... :-)


Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 12:41 Reply
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