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Speaking about myself I want to mention, that I don't like the process of asking-answering questions

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Hello, Elmer!
Thank you for your letter, really I appreciate it greatly. Speaking about myself I want to mention, that I don't like the process of asking-answering questions, it seems to me too official and we can't connect it with romantic moments and may be we try to force the person to tell us about something, that he doesn't want to tell. And by my nature I don't like to force the people, I prefer compromisesand I notice that it works well. So I prefer people to share with me their free thoughts. This time you wrote me too many questions to answer that it takes me ages to speak about all these, so I prefer to answer partly, ok?:)) And now "free thoughts" about myself: -)). You have already known that I'm a student, so in June this year I had my final exams at the university andI got my Bachelor degree diploma. Just now I'm finishingmy education at the external courses in order to get my Master. I'll be a specialist in philology - English, German and foreign literature. I want to study intensively and get my Master in half a year, so I'm pretty busy just now studying all the time. Hope you understand me. I've already told you, that I like reading very much. At the university I study not only languages, but also foreign literature beginning from the antique period up to these days and the history of literature and I like these subjects too. In order just to relax, I like to read detective stories, psychological novels and of course, like any other woman - some novels about love. Also I like to go to the movies and theatres. I enjoy art, classical and modern music (Mozart-the king of opera, Chaikovsky, Italian folk songs etc.),learning new things and meeting interesting people. As for your joke, yes, I like it very much, it's a very good thing for relaxing, so I'm waiting the next one, ok? I think that's enough for now. Hope to hear from you.
Best regards.
Yulia from Mariupol
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Dear dating manager!

I have only 6 months to find my wife. I really need your help in doing this.
I have Wrote some of the ladies and one thing that I have seen is when thy
send me pictures they don't look like the ones in there bio.
   I 'am going through all the bios and will be sending a letter to the
ukrainian ladies that i like the best. I want to come in early April to see the ladies
that are interested in me. I also heard that the ladies can come to the u.s.
with out me going there . Is that true. Please send me any advice you have
on making this dream come true for me and my lucky lady . I am very serious
about finding my Ukrainian wife in your country.

Thank you

Derry, NH  United States

Guest Guest 25 July 2018 15:57 Reply

Hello Yulia,

I'm supposed to be a professional writer, but I'm struggling here! Just to say, I found your profile attractive and interesting. If mine is of interest to you it would be great to hear from you. My name is Anthony and I write music and scripts for TV and films. I love playing piano, guitar, and for exercise - football - badly! I am a Christian and I love to read religious books and biographies.

In the summer I am hoping to be filming a western in Southern Spain and after that hope to go travelling, including Mariupol, the Berdyansk and all round the Eastern Ukraine region. I'm on here because I'm fed up with English women! They're very shallow and impatient!
Anyway, it would, again, be great to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Love and best wishes,

Anthony from U.K.

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 29 September 2018 08:24 Reply
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