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I would like to have next to me a man who would be my second half, who would understand me and love me.

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hello, Steve!
Thank you for your letter, i was  interested to read  about your life.
 I live  with  my mom in apartment, i have got an elder sister who lives  separately. I   have a cat   Bars  at home, he is  very   handsome and clever, he is also the member of  our family.
 The town where i live in is in the center of Ukraine, the  climate is  very warm   and wet. It's  on the  river Southern Bug, there are  many interesting and beautiful places  here, in summer  people like  walking in parks because there  are lot of  flowers and trees there.
 We  have a country-cottage at  the bank of  the river and we like  rest on weekends  there. I like fishing.
Have  you ever  been to Vinnytsia, Ukraine? 
In autumn I like  going to the  theatre  when theatrical season is open, many theatres  from other  towns   go on tour.  
 I would like to have  next  to me  a  man who would be  my second  half, who would  understand  me and love   me. I have a dream to  have an own house with garden where we would be able  to sit  together at  the supper with loving person and watch  the  setting sun, it's a small dream but  it's  the dream for me. i would like you to tell me about your dream.
 tell me , please, the date of your  birthday.
 Write  me more  about  yourself.
with best wishes
  Tatiana from Vinnytsia
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Hello dear friend Tatiana,
   I hope you are serious about getting married.  I would like to marry a lady from Ukraine.  I went to Vinnitsa Ukraine this June, but did not find the woman of my dreams. I enjoyed everything about my trip.  Everyone was friendly and nice.  I love the Ukrainian food! The salads, fruit and vegtables were great.  I liked the potato pancakes with sour cream and the dark bread. The music is very good and I like to dance. I would like to travel to Kherson next Spring or early Summer.  I like the warm weather, not the cold!
  I think the ladies from Ukraine are wonderful.  I would like to find someone to write to, so that we would know about each other before we meet in person.  I am very serious about getting married.  I am sure many men write to you, but I am not just making dreams in the sky.  I have already been to your country and I will return again.  I wish I was there right now!
  My name is Steve Johnston.  I am divorced and have two wonderful children.  Cody 10 years old and Kacie 5 years old.  I live in America.  I live in southern California.  Very warm and very beautiful.  I am looking for a lady that likes children and a strong family.  I also like being in nature.  I am healthy with no bad habits.  I would like someone that does not smoke.
If you think you might be interested please look at my dating profile with the Vinnitsa marriage agency and please write.  I would love to hear from you!  Thank you for reading my letter.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Steve Johnston   

Guest Guest 25 July 2018 21:00 Reply
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