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I am a little shy, but then I quickly find the common language with people.

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Hello, Elton!
 Thank you very  much  for your interest.
I also  want to  know  more  about you, this  correspondence  is very  important for me, I don't  know  what  the  future   prepares to  us but  our   following  friendship and  desire  to  know   more about each other  will  bring  me  joy  and  pleasant  minutes. I can tell you only that I want to meet a loving  man in my life , to have a nice family  and  wonderful  children and  devote  all my life  to love, fatefulness and  simply  to be happy  and  make  happy  the person who will  give me his  love. I also like literature, good  music, movies, TV, nature, everything that is  connected  with romantic, good  communication with  friends, though sometimes I am  a little  shy, but then I   quickly  find the common  language with people. I like animals very  much and have a wonderful  white puddle and I'll send you the picture  with him. I like traveling and  dream of visiting other countries. As you've understood I like children very  much  and my  job is connected with them.
 My family is  small, only  my  mother and  me. I love my  mother  very  much, she   always  supports  me and  understands and  the  main  she wants  to see  me happy.
 I am waiting for your letter in detail. Please send me your picture.
 With best regards.
 Elena from Kaliningrad

I went to the final of the contest "Miss Kaliningrad"!!!

Blond Model Elena from KaliningradSexy Model Elena from Kaliningradcontest Miss Kaliningradcontest Miss KaliningradI went to the final of the contest "Miss Kaliningrad"!!!
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My name is Elton, and I live in Pennsylvania, in the United States. I am sending this letter as an introduction of myself to you. I only recently joined Kaliningrad marriage agency, because I wish to find a russian wife who is not only beautiful, but intelligent also. I am a very kind, gentle, generous man, who would be an excellent husband to the woman who is willing to be faithful and kind to me. I require fidelity as the main trait in a lady. If you would like to write to me, I will answer any questions you may have. Please tell me more about yourself, and what sort of husband you are looking for.
I will look forward to hearing from you....

Guest Guest 28 July 2018 11:27 Reply

 Hi Elena, my name is Nelson.
I live in Denver, Colorado. Denver is very close to the mountains.
I enjoy many outdoor activities. I ski, snowboard, hike, run, and rollerblade to name a few things.
I enjoy going out to eat as well as cooking at home. I develop real estate in downtown Denver.
I own my own company so my schedule is very flexible.
I have one brother and one sister.
My entire family lives in Denver except my parents who live half the year in Barcelona, Spain.
I visit them about twice a year. Both Denver and Barcelona are wonderful places to live.
I am going to be in Barcelona for the first two weeks of July.
  When I saw you picture at Kaliningrad matchmaking agency I was stunded with your beauty.
I am very excited to meet you, so tell me everything.
Talk to you soon,
    denver, colorado 80203 United States

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 09:52 Reply
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