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I've become a doctor-surgeon and work in a big town Ekaterinburg hospital and do lots of operations.

for Him

Hello, Mitchell!
I am  very glad   to get your letter.
Now I want to tell about  myself in detail.
 I am a serious and easy-going person with  kind and open soul. I achieved  my goal in life I've   become a doctor-surgeon and work in a big town Ekaterinburg hospital and do lots of operations. I live with  my  mother and a sister, she is a doctor too. I read   much  medical literature and I am a good cook. My parents  lived  very happily and only the death  separated  them( my father  died  last year from  cerebral thrombosis). Now I am 28 y. o.  and  it's time to think  about  myself  and  family happiness. I believe and hope  that somewhere   in the world there is  the  only  and  unique  man, who  like  me is  waiting , hopes and  believe that  he will find his second  half and everything in life   will  be  okay as American  say, that the life will   turn  out into  wonderful tale. I am not  romantic, I am  more realist, but sometimes it's so  pleasant  to dream  and  believe  in your happy  star.
 we have at  home a poodle and a parrot. we like them very  much and can't live without them. My parrot  speaks  only Russian. Please tell me  about your life, job, hobbies, the place of your living.
 I will be glad to  know you  closer.
 I am waiting for your answer impatiently.
 Lyuda from Ekaterinburg
doctor-surgeon  Lyuda from Ekaterinburgdoctor-surgeon  Lyuda from Ekaterinburg
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Hello Lyuda!
My name is David. I am a 39 yr old Male. 6ft tall, 195 lbs,brown/gray hair, blue eyes. I am a smoker, a social drinker, no drugs. I am a Christian and attend church on a regular basis. I also do volunteer work. I am employed with a good company, in the Pre-Sales Dept, quoting prices for our goods. I live in a nice 3 bedroom house in Cincinnati, Ohio with a yard and a garden. I have a 14 yr old daughter who lives with me. I am considered Funny and attractive by women, but find myself not interested in American Career women. I am looking for a serious and commited relationship with my Russian Princess.
I like music, travel, and outdoor activities.
I am interested in finding a romantic and loving person from Ekaterinburg to build a family with...
I hope to hear from you..
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Guest Guest 29 July 2018 16:18 Reply
   Hey, Lyuda!
My name is Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to read this email.
I guess I should tell you about me. This is hard but I will try.
I like all type of music, going to the beach, camping, dancing, sports and spending time with my son and friends.
I own a small construction company which takes alot of my time but also allows me to have time to spend time doing the things that I enjoy.

I am looking for a charming russian woman from Ekaterinburg, who will be my best friend for the rest of my life.
Someone who will bring a smile to my face everytime I see her or even think about her.
I am looking for someone special to share everything with.
I believe that men and wowen are equal but it takes both to be whole.

  Hope to hear from you soon.
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 14:36 Reply
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