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I joined the Dnipro marriage agency to meet a good husband and create good family ASAP.

for Him

hello, Monte!
I was pleased to get your letter.
I'll tell you more about myself:
I live in a cozy eastern town Dnipro, situated on ancient river Dnieper. there are parks, nice places here. our town is more than 200 years old.
now it's summer and my friends, family and I go out to nature often : bake meat, potatoes on fire. sometimes we go to the seaside. the Azov Sea is not far from us, 5 hours drive. if you come to me in summer, I'd show you our beautiful places with pleasure.
I live with my mother and sister 9 father dies in car accident 10 years ago). my mother works as a seamstress, sister studies at the Dnepropetrovsk university. as our father died early, mother earned not much, I had to carve my way in life. after graduating from the teacher's training university ( I studied well and got diploma with excellent marks) I was asked to work there. so, I teach Ukrainian at the faculty.
I joined the Dnipro marriage agency to meet a good husband and create good family ASAP.
please tell me about the town you live in.
could you send me your picture?
how do you imagine your future family life with foreign woman?
Hope to hear from you soon,
Natalie from Dnipro
charming Natalie from DniproEstern-European girl Natalie from Dnepropetrovskwonderful Natalie from Dnipro
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Hi Natalie!
My name is Brent and I live in Southern California U.S.A.
Just a few lines to tell you about me. I'm 37 D.O.B. 12-11-81 I'm' 5'9" @ 185 lbs. and in good shape.
I'm a non-believer but have good values and am a very good father. Ilove kids.
I am an "A" Engineering Contrator and have my own Corporation.
I like the outdoors hunting, fishing & hiking. I also like the night life Dinner, dancing and the beach.
I'm looking for a nice looking younger lady from Dnipro to be my best friend and lover. to be with me for the rest of my life.
I also like the home life and being with the Ukraine lady of my dreams.
I will work real hard to make things happen if you fill the same.
Please E-mail me and tell me about your self and I will tell you more.

Guest Guest 30 July 2018 18:52 Reply
Hello, Natalie!

I saw your matchmaking profile on the "Dnipro Brides" website and wanted to know more about you.

About me: I live in Spokane, Wa. (USA)  I am 42 years old and professionally i am a psychologist.  I am intelligent, well educated, humourous, laugh easily, kind, honest and live my life with integrity.

i have a lot of love in my heart and desire to create a beyond belief relationship with the Dnipro woman of my dreams.

i am 6' 1" 195 pounds 195 pounds with sandy brown hair and deep blue eyes.  I will be glad to send a picture if you give me an email address.  
i look pretty good, at least that is what I am told.

There is much to say about myself and my dreams but I think I will sign off for now.  hope to hear from you.

    Spokane, WA   USA

  P.S. I'm planning a tour to Dnipro and Zaporozhye.
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 15:14 Reply
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