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Alas, I haven't met a man yet, who would make me want to spend my whole life with.

for Him

Hello, Lonnie !
 I think it'll be interesting for you to find out some more about me.
Well, I was born in Krivoy Rog. I live with my parents and my brother. He is five years older. He is divorced and he has got a 10-year old daughter. I've got many reliable friends. I like being among people, I've got a nice sense of humor, I'm devoted in friendship.  Surely, nice friends are important in our life, but the older we grow, more often we think of creating our own families. Alas, I haven't met a man yet, who would make me want to spend my whole life with. I know there are perfect people and my demands are not too severe. As all women I dream of meeting a kind, devoted, trustworthy man who would take care of me, of our future children. I am looking for stability and sereneness. I judge men by their acts. I'm Cancer. All women Cancer love their home hearth, they are fond of making their houses cozy and sweet. They are devoted and reliable. They are tender and affectionate. They are thankful to men who surround them with love and care. They pay them back with all their deep true feelings.
 If you feel curious about me, ask me any questions and I'll answer them all. I'd like to get to know you better. I'd like to have a look at your pictures.

  Yulia from Krivoy Rog dating site.
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Hi Yulia.

 I am doing fine. I am 40 years young and try to live every moment to its fullest.

I live in a wonderful neighborhood. I own a large house and I live about 2 miles from the beach. I have everything in life except that special someone to share life with. I would like to find someone that wants to enjoy life. You are very pretty and I am sure you would make a great Ukrainian model. My future Ukraine wife would love me as much as I will love her. 
 I love children and would have no problem having 2 more. I did not mean to imply that you needed to go back to school. I only meant to ask if you wanted to go back.
You would be able to raise our children and work as an accountant after they got older or you could go back to school and learn something new. I am glad to here you are from a big family. What do your parents think about you moving to America? I know how you feel, my mom is 70 and I am always worring about her too. If things work out, perhaps you could bring your cat, although the plane ride is a long trip, I don't know what the airline rules are.  What is your cat's name?
Does the Krivoy Rog matchmaking agency help with teaching you english?
What kind of work are you doing now?
Please tell me about your family and friends. What is life like for you.
I would like to see more pictures of you and I will take some current ones too.
 I hope to hear more about you and hope all is well with you.

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This is a personal letter for Yulia
>From Lonnie Brooke
I feel that you have a sense of humour and also that your English may be sufficiently good so that you do not need a translator?
I am a strong single; never been married( too busy ); self contained man of wide experience who has been trying to develop his spiritual growth for quite a few years.
Hence; perhaps some guidance; but certainly alot of time contemplating your sexy picture for some three weeks pondering the improbables( have I lost you), with so little information to go on my mind has created the most wonderful scenarios. Apart from an advanced education, being single and being very interesting, I know nothing about you!(all nurses are hardworking)
I thought I was being original when I decided to look for a mate in Krivoy Rog, little did I realise that there is a complete industry beavering away. I cannot believe the choice, all the Krivoy Rog girls are fantastic, I want to take them all home! BUT I am serious, I am not wasting other people's time and money, let alone mine, so one letter goes to one girl, a girl who has a face showing strength and tenacity. The fact that she happens to be one of the most beautiful has nothing to do with it at all.
I live in a small flat with a dog in Exmouth, Devon, England on the edge of the sea. I came here because my Polish girlfriend was at University here and because she had some problems. She left over five years ago with a first class honours and later married a chap who she met while doing her M.A. at Cambridge. So, I have been celebate for five years!
I have just completed a mathematical work on Lottery form, mainly because everyone (and some still do) say it is impossible. This shows what a big head I have. So I am now starting to market it by initially building up a free customer base. My computer trainer; a lad of eighteen; has gone off to University so leaving me to bumble along as best I may.
I am just trying to give you some background which I think is only fair. Do you have an alternative email address? Mine you can finde at Krivoy Rog marriage agency. I will get some photos done as I do not have any.
I feel this has been a rather boring letter but never mind it might be better next time.
Lonnie Brooke

P.S. I prefer growing vegetables to flowers and I love dogs.
I have spent three hours trying to find you in this system, so I can now go to bed very tired but happy.
Lonnie Brooke
Exmouth Devon, -- United Kingdom

PP.SS. I'm sending you some photos from the streets of London!!!
some photos from the streets of Londonsome photos from the streets of Londonsome photos from the streets of London
Guest Guest 31 July 2018 11:19 Reply
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