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I think that normal, kind relationships, mutual respect, understanding and love are the main in private life.

for Him

hello, Andrew!
 Thank you  very   much for your letter.
And  now I want to tell something about   my family.I live  with  my  parents  and   my  grandmother. My  mother is 45, father-46 and  grandmother-65. I have two dogs, French bulldog, his  name is  Alfred and  Caucasian  sheep-dog by  name  Ben and  a favorite kitten Senya.
 If you are interested I'll tell some  words  about   my country. Ukraine is on of the biggest  republics of  former  Soviet  Union,  in 1991 it  became  an independent  state. Our  Kherson  region is   in the south of  Ukraine and  is  washed  by two seas: The  Black sea  and  Azov one. each year we  go to have a rest on the seaside. Kherson is on the  biggest  river of  Ukraine - Dnieper. There are  many   beautiful  landscapes, in  general it's a steppe zone. Ukrainians  are  merry, hospitable and   musical people. I like  various  music  and it's very   important for   me the  wonderful sound and professional  approach to its writing. also it concerns  the good  literature  and  films.
 I think that     normal, kind  relationships , mutual  respect, understanding  and  love are  the main in  private  life . It seems  to  me that you have a pleasant and  easy   character, which  helps  you  to  overcome the vital difficulties.
 Thank you for the readiness to  frank talk.
 I will be  glad to read  your  next letter.
 Aleksandra from Kherson
pretty girl  Aleksandra from KhersonLovely ukraine Girl Aleksandra from Kherson
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Hello Aleksandra!

    Hopefully this gets to you before you have met someone. Here is a couple things about myself. Im 6'3" 220lbs have light brown hair and blue eyes. After college I got a job as a electrician and have been at the same job for 4 yrs. I have a cabin in the mountains where i like to get away on the weekends. Its so beautiful and peaceful there. My favorite sport is to ride dirt bikes. I also like to play just about any sport. There is a lake close to here where some freinds and I just hang out on the beach or go boating. I'm very romantic and love to treat my special someone from Kherson like a Queen. I try to make the best of life and live every day to the fullest. Life is to short to sit around do nothing. There are so many things to do and see. I'm gong to end here for now and wait for your reply.
Hopefully it will be very soon so that we can learn a lot about each other.
When you do reply tell me some things about your daily life.
Hopefully I have found my soul mate in Kherson.

                       Yours truly

Guest Guest 31 July 2018 21:26 Reply
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