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I am also interested in you and I hope our correspondence will be enjoyable and successful!

for Him

Hello Derek! 
How are you?
Thank you once again for your concern! Your flowers for my birthday made me feel in high spirits and made my birthday party much more festive!!!
I am sorry it took me long to reply your letter - I am busy with my studies now: I am getting ready for my final exams at the university and I have to spend much time at the library and in the Internet. But I was very glad to get your letter and I never forgot I must reply it!! And here is am writing my letter to you! I hope you will be glad to hear from me. I am also interested in you and I hope our correspondence will be enjoyable and successful!
+ I've got a trouble so I was not in a mood to do anything at all. Now I am fine again. The point is: someone stole much money (about 530$) (I don't think I lost it for I am always very careful). I tried to save some money to buy a smartphone. But my plans changed a bit and I decided to attend the professional courses connected with my future profession. They are not for free. So, I took the money to pay it...but, unfortunately, I have nothing now: I have neither a phone, nor the opportunity to attend the courses! It is not fair!!!
I try to be optimistic, still it hurts me to find myself in such a sad situation!
I hope I will find a way out!
I am also looking for someone who will always support me and I will always be there for him!
I am eager to visit Egypt, this dream has been following me for a long time, I am also dying for visiting some skiing resort. I can't ski, but I hope I will learn to.
I only dream for my wishes seem to be unreal! But if I dream I live! I set goals and do my best to achieve them! I wait and I hope I will achieve all goals I set. I would be happier if I was a bit luckier! I do hope I will meet the man who will help me to make my dreams come true, I hope he will always be there for me! When I feel down I feel my loneliness with all my heart! I hope I will be O.K. very soon!!!
Aren't you planning your trip to Moscow? I would be happy to meet you here.
I saw your photos - they are great. I saw you and your sons in the skiing resort and I felt even stronger zeal to visit it, too!
O.K., Derek, it is already late and I have to go to bed.
Write to me! I will be waiting for your letters!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Warm wishes,

from Moscow

P.S. I hope you will like the pictures I am sending you. The picture with me wearing a pink dress was taken during the fashion show. I am sending you the latest pictures to let you see the way I look now!
The picture with me wearing a pink dress was taken during the fashion show.
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Hi Olesya,
Thanks for your letter, it's always great to here from you and "CONGRATULATIONS" on passing your exams and graduating from the university with honour. You must be very pleased and proud of yourself, "time to celebrate I think"!!!
So Oleysa tell me exactly what you what you are studying for and why you want further education? I'm just interested what profession you eventually would like to be involved in or what profession you are studying for. You mentioned that you want to enter the "magistrates very much", excuse my ignorance but what exactly is this? Is it something to do with "law"? Whatever as I said I'm just generally interested in what you are up to!!!
I presume from your letter that you are now in Moscow for your 3 weeks training/studying and you will not be back in Kaliningrad until the end of June, so I don't expect to here from you until about this time, if this is correct!!! I will miss your lovely letters but I will be thinking of you anyway.
Olesya you say that salaries are very low In your Country, give me some idea what the average salary is but I would imagine the cost of living would also be fairly low too, well compared to over here, this is becoming a very expensive Country to live in. As you know I have only just returned from a weeks holiday in Minorca "Spain" with my son's, it was very much cheaper over there, food, drinks, petrol on so on. It is a lovely Island, very green with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, fantastic warm sunny weather and very relaxing, what's more we flew from our local airport in Exeter and it was only just a 2 hour flight and a 40 minute transfer time to the resort we stayed in called "Calla Galdana", what I thought was the most beautiful and scenic bays on the Island. You would have loved it I'm sure and I would have liked to have had you by my side. I bet you would have looked fantastic in your bikini all tanned up stretched out on the golden sand, "may be one day this will become true"!!!!
Olesya you said to me if you lived abroad you would like to have further education, "what type of education do you have in mind"? I think you would perhaps have to study English for some time first. How is your English? Could you have a conversation with me if I spoke slowly? I am sure your English would be much better that my Russian and that wouldn't be too hard because when it comes to other languages I really am "useless".
How would you feel about living abroad or to be more precise here "sounds fantastic"? It is not easy Olesya to leave your family and live in a strange country, "exciting yes" but none the less anyone would get a bit home sick. I would love to think that we could get on so well and be really close and for you to be here. Don't you think that just may be I am a little too old for you, or you to young for me. I hate to say it but it is an issue we haven't talked about and may be a subject I didn't want to bring up, anyway on the brighter side I don't feel old and don't act old and can think of nothing better than being close to a young very attractive russian women as yourself but I do want to be honest about things, hope you do too!!!!
Olesya yes I will help you with your $3000, let me know when you get back from Moscow and I will transfer it to you. Why do you say that I am the only person you can address this too?
It sounds like your brother is going to have a nice time at the black sea on vacation and I am very pleased for him.
Olesya you say you would like to have a rest at the sea with me, well what can I say I am flattered to think you feel this way and I would like to spend a week's rest with you too, I think we would hit it off so well and have a wonderful time, what do you think? What do you like and enjoy doing when on holiday/vacation? Have you ever visited any Countries outside of the Russia?
Olesya when you say you would like to have a rest at the sea, do you mean the "Black Sea"? If so what part of the Black Sea would you like to go to? Some where in the Ukraine, if so where? Or may be another Country for instance "Bulgaria" I don't think that is too far from you, is it? Although I can't say I'm an expert of knowledge on the Black Sea, I do know that it borders on many Countries and it may be the case that you would require a visa. I know that I don't require a visa for Bulgaria but I would for the Ukraine, not that this is a problem.
Olesya as I have told you previously there are a few "major" things that I would need to sort out here personally before I could think about coming to see you, nothing impossible but difficult, will tell you some time in the near future, nothing bad, just a bit of a stupid mistake I made and now I must address this and sort it out soon, so if I was to go on holiday with you, then to be realistic it would have to be probably in September but let's also see how we get on over the next couple of months "great I hope"!!!!
Ok tell me loads more about yourself, your true feelings and anything you want too, have a great time and look after yourself.
thinking of you a lot!!!
"Bonvoyage" French for goodbye "I think"!!!
Lots of love
DEREK  xxx

P.S. The picture of the bay is (CALA GADANA) which is the place that we stayed, our hotel was just 2/3 minutes from the beach and from our balcony, this was the view. A beautiful place, may be one day we could go their""" It would be nice".
The picture of the bay CALA GADANA
The picture of the bay CALA GADANA
Guest Guest 5 August 2018 12:28 Reply
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