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I like kids and hope to have one more child if my future husband would like to have.

for Him

Hello, Randy,
I got your letter , thnak you.
could you please tell me more about your work.
I'd like to know more about the town you live in.  what nature do you have there? what is the climate like?
my town is situated on the river Neva. the town is big ; the population is 5 000 thousand people.
I didn't travel much as  would like. especially the last years when my daughter Masha was little. I divorced almost 6 years ago when Masha was 1. since that time I am alone. and it's hard for me as I brought up my baby alone. now Masha is rather big and she tries to help me with everything. she is a good daughter and I love her very much.
but I miss my loving and caring european man. Now I feel very lonely. and I am tired of this.
I see that we have much in common as you I like honest, open and decent people. I like kids and hope to have one more child if my future husband would like to have.
I'd like to visit other countries. but I was only in Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia. I like to learn new countries, traditions, culture.
I'd like to meet a person who will love, understand, respect me. that he will be not only my husband, but my best friend, partner, lover.

from St. Petersburg
Tatyana from St. Petersburgsingle Tatyana from St. Petersburgdivorced mom Tatyana from St. Petersburg
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My name is Matti and I became a member of St. Petersburg dating agency today. I saw your pretty picture on the website, and decided immediately to write to you, in order to find out more about you and to introduce myself. So this is my first letter for a "St. Petersburg dating agency" lady!

You probably can see my picture and profile data at the St. Petersburg marriage office? For the time being there is only the photograph of my face, but I promise to get some more pictures sent later. I think the picture is very much what I look like, except that during this summer I let my hair grow slightly longer and it is also slightly sunburned, i.e. partially blond. I have practiced much sports in my life, and even though I'm  getting more and more lazy when I get older, I'm still in quite good shape. My weight is around 82 kg, hopefully consisting also of some muscles... I'm 40 years old, but based on my looks people normally consider me somewhat younger (around 35, I guess).

I'm originally from Finland, but because I work for a international company (Nokia), I have been based abroad for a few years already. Now I'm living in Italy, which indeed is a very nice country to leave. To be more precise, my home is in Rome, which is the most beautiful city in the world (I used to live there three years when I was a child). That's my sincere opinion, and I have been travelling a lot around the world - mostly because of my work. I'm going to live in Rome at least until next year, but I hope I can stay there even longer. Let's see.

My job is a management position in Nokia for a slice of the business in the South European region. This means that my job is very interesting and challenging. I have a university degree in production economics and I can speak (or at least understand well) five languages.

I'm very independent and I have been living alone for many years. When I was younger I indeed wanted to be free and I didn't plan to get married, but now I would really like to settle down with the right woman and share all the good (and sometimes bad) things in my life with her. In other words, I would like to have a family of my own. Maybe you and I could have the chance to get to know each other that well? What I mean is that I'm now really ready to invest a lot of my personal effort to build a good relationship; I don't expect a relationship to last without some effort, from both sides. Concerning children, I would like to have some, but before getting babies I think it is very important that the future parents get to know each other well before making that kind of commitment. My parents got divorced when I was a child, and I remember that was not a very nice feeling.

Both my parents are quite old and they are both retired now. My father is married again and living in Finland, my mother is living in Italy. My father was a professor at the university, my mother a teacher. I have two sisters, who both have their families (well, my younger sister only has a cat and a husband, but I think that can also be seen as a 'family').

Concerning my hobbies, I like driving around with my motorbike and watching new places and people - and to eat well, which is easy in Italy. I really like Italian food! I should practice some more sports, but if you would keep me company, I would certainly do it more often. Jogging or exercising alone at the gym is very often boring.

Let me now tell what I would ideally expect from the Lady Of My Life. I'm not perfect and I'm not expecting to get married with a perfect lady either, but my complete wishlist would be something like this:

I like young, slim, good looking ladies who have a pretty face. But the color of the hair, eyes, etc. don't really matter at all. I'm very open minded concerning people's attitudes - including religion - and social background, but I think I would like if my lady was intelligent and able to cope with various new situations in life. I expect absolute honesty and loyalty from her, but I'm willing to give the same commitment from my side. She should also accept me like I am. I like if my lady puts some effort in taking care of her looks.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I would really appreciate if you could tell me if you are interested in knowing me better and what kind of things you would expect from life. It would also be a nice surprise if I could see some more photos of you (but this is not mandatory at all).

Best regards,

Finland - Italy
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