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I would like to meet a man, with who I could bring up our children and grow older together.

for Him

Hi Rusty!
Thank you very much for your letter.
I will turn 30 this year and my daughter turned 1 year on the 20th of April. My hobbies are swimming and shooting in the shooting-gallery. I shoot well even from a real gun. My uncle is a policeman. So he taught me this. I live with my mother and daughter. I have a male cousin and 2 female cousins. They have adult children and they help me with my daughter very much. We are good friends.
     I went in for music at school, played guitar. We gathered together with my friends and played songs of " Beatles " and many popular Russian songs. At home  I could sit for many hours and learn how to play a new song.  But the most favorite hobby is my job, I like it very much. I'm a hairdresser. I try to become perfect and be the best in this work. I'm a purposeful person and want to have my own business in future - a small hairdresser's. My second profession is economist. I graduated Novorossiysk Maritime Technical University but I don't have practice.
     I would like to meet loving, caring, honest, open and responsible man, with who I could bring up our children and grow older together.  Please write when you were born, in which city you live , about your family, work..
    I'm waiting for your reply.

from Kazan
30 y.o. Natalia from Kazanbride Natalia from Kazanfiancee Natalia from Kazan
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Dear Natalia,

Firstly I would like to extend my deepest wishes for the New Year 2018 and for the upcoming Christmas celebrations.
I received your name, address, picture and a little information from the internet Agency, Kazan Dating. You appear to be a very, very beautiful single woman.

From first impressions you seem to be the kind of person that I would like to get to know much better. I would like to find someone to share my life with, make me a better person, a best friend and a wife. A relationship based on trust, understanding, caring and love: were two people are equal and spend time together because they want to be together. I like to find someone who is interested in a relationship, not afraid to communicate and ready to raise a international family. I hope to meet someone that is as serious about a relationship as I am. The most important part of any relationship is two people willing to make a relationship work. I really look forward to your reply and hope this letter is a start of a friendship that leads to a meeting and marriage. I'm not into playing games and plan to meet the "lady" of my dreams soon, who knows maybe it is you! I hope.

My ideal women is someone who is intelligent, whom I can laugh with, someone who is gentle and sympathetic to other peoples needs feelings and emotions, someone who I can totally trust, honesty, faithfulness, someone who will respect me as I would them, someone who would do the utmost to avoid conflict and argument as I would. I am the type of guy who tries to make people happy thus avoiding conflict. I would do anything to resolve any problems no matter what they are. By nature I am a giving person thus I would go out of my way to help anyone especially the loved ones around me. Family is the most important thing to me.

Let me tell a little about myself. I was born in a Catholic family in a town called Morwell, which is about 150 km from Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. I was born on the 17th of July 1983 to Italian Parents who arrived to Australia in the early 1970's. I am currently 35 years old and my star sign is Leo. I'm 171 cm tall, with blue eyes, dimples and weigh 65 kg. I am of slim build. I've lived in Morwell all my life. The first 13 years we lived in town and then we lived on a small farm of 5 acres for 12 years than we moved back into town. I currently live by myself in my own house. I have two sisters, one who is a year older and one who is a year younger.

I currently work for myself as a Draftsman of my own company. My eldest sister Maria who is 36 years old has two children, Elissa who is 9 years old and Ben who is 7 years old. My younger sister Tania is 34 years old and has a two children Taylah whom is 4 year old & Jye who is 1 year old. I have a beautiful son from my marriage he is now 8 years old. His name is Clancy and he lives with his mother. I have him stay with me every second weekend. He is such a joy to be with and I enjoy and love him dearly. One day I wish to have more children with my future russian wife from Kazan.

Maria lives in Melbourne and Tania lives in Traralgon. My Mother lives just about 5 minutes walk from me in which I see her all the time, as we are a very close family. My parents are the best parents one could wish for; they are always there for me in times of need. They are very caring and loving. Unfortunately the last 3 years have been very difficult for all of us as my father died very suddenly on 14th December 2008, Christmas Eve. My father was 64 years old and very healthy. He died of a massive heart attack. He was not only my father but also my best friend. I will and have missed him dearly.

My interests are wide and varied. I must say I'm an easygoing guy who is easily pleased. I would try anything. I'm a very motivated person with a lot of drive, will power and passion. My main sport that I do regularly is go-kart racing. I race in Morwell once a month and love it passionately. I enjoy watching most sports. My main interests are mainly Formula One motor racing and Ferrari. I occasionally like playing golf, tennis, squash, table tennis, snooker, watching motor sport etc. Other non-sporting activities I enjoy are dancing, music, traveling, theatre, dinning out, videos, movies, driving, swimming, water skiing, working out at the gym, eating healthy etc. Actually music is so much a part of my life and without I would feel dead. I listen to it while I work out, while I work, while I shower, while I drive, it is a big part of me. It makes be feel alive & happy inside. My favorite music is pop, love, soul, latin, etc.. I do not like metal or much rap.

I would describe myself as warm, caring, loving, fun, funny, kind, affectionate, sensitive, gentle, supportive, honest, reliable, romantic, intellectual, clever, financially secure etc.
My purpose in writing to you is that I am seeking new friends from other cultures and eventually I would like to find a loving and loyal lifetime partner. Someone to fully love, respect and also to be a friend. My aim in life is to find someone I can truly love and respect and for someone to truly love and respect me, so we can create a warm loving family with beautiful children. (My soul mate) I'm the type of guy who is passionate about everything. I suppose that's the Italian in me. When I find true love, I'm in love with them totally, not by half. I always do things to the best of my ability. I am a perfectionist in every thing I do. I like things to be right and that includes love. When it comes to love I am such a romantic person. I love all the finer things of life and wish to share it with someone special who will be by my side. I love to treat a woman like a queen in whom I like them to be sensual, sexy and feminine. I wouldn't care what I was doing or where I was as long it was with the one I love. I'm such an affectionate guy that I love to spend as much time with the women I love and that means doing many things together. I love to feel wanted and needed. I'm such a softie; I would do anything for anyone. I like to make people happy and see them happy.

I'll quickly explain what it's like to live in Australia. It's fantastic. The weather here is good. Our summers are generally between 25 to 40 degrees Celsius. In winter the temperature gets down, at it's lowest to between 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. Normally it's around 10 to 13 degrees Celsius. So generally our winter is fairly mild in comparison to Europe. It doesn't snow here because it doesn't get cold enough, which is good because I don't like the cold weather, except when I can cuddle up with someone I love. A lot of people think we in Australia are the lucky country, and most of the time I would agree. We are a very multi-cultural society. We have many and varied races here all living side by side and most of the time living in harmony. For people who want to work the rewards are good. We have everything that you could possibly want and more. Our way of life is very similar to the U.S. but at a slower pace. We have a lot of U.S. television shows and music here in which influence's our life style.

Please write me soon and ask any questions that you would like to know about me. I anxiously await your letter & pictures from you and getting to know you better.

Your new Australian friend & hopefully much more.

Well I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.
Take care.
Morwell, Australia

P.S. New Year and Christmas celebrations photos:
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