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I am very romantic, like going to the country and spending time close to nature. I adore going to the seaside.

for Him

Hello, Steve !
I am very glad to hear from you, nice to "meet" you.
I've never been married and I have no children. I am eager to have a family with a man of a big kind heart able to love and to be loved, to be reliable and faithful, unable to betray.
I would like to know when your birthday is. My birthday is June 12th, it coincides with the national holiday of Russia - the Day of Independence. It's always much fun. I am Virgo. I am calm and peaceful by nature, care for my family, I am very romantic, like going to the country and spending time close to nature. I adore going to the seaside. I am fond of taking pictures. I have many interests, generally speaking. I love family holidays and jolly parties with my friends.
How do you spend your free time, what are the ways you amuse yourself? What music do you like? I like various music, I play the piano.
Do you have any pets? I love animals very much.
Tell me about your work, I'd like to know more about it. I work for a private firm dealing with cigarettes, but I don't smoke. I try to live healthy life.
I live with my parents, I have a brother. Do you live with your family?
Steve, I have to ask you to send me your photo. Will you, please?
I hope to hear from you.

from Samara
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Hello Tamara! 

Since this is my first letter to you, it is probably best to start off by telling you a little bit about myself, why I joined this matchmaking service, the type of woman I am looking for, and supply some questions for your return letter. So here goes...

My name is John and I am 32 years old. My birthday is October 19, 1986. I am 6' 0■ tall (183cm) and 215lbs (98KG). Now, I know that is a little heavy for my height, but let me explain. I do a lot of weight lifting and running. I like to take care of my body as I was formally a professional athlete. Now, let me tell you a little bit about my recent past.

I graduated college at the University of Washington with a major in Business and a minor in Chemistry. During my college years, I played varsity baseball. I was good enough to go further with baseball and played professionally for a few years in the Minor Leagues with the Kansas City Royals. After baseball, I went to work for a business consulting firm, and then transitioned to work as a sales manager for Philip Morris, the company who makes Marlboro cigarettes. I am still working for Philip Morris and progressing very quickly. I have recently been promoted and will be looking to move to sunny Pasadena, California in the next few months. I am very excited! I know I have shrunk this a lot, so if you would like for me to talk more about any of these things, please just ask.

About my personality...I would have to start by saying I love to be funny and most of my friends will say that I can be the life of the party. Now, I am not a party animal, I definitely know my limits, but if I am going to a party, I like to enjoy myself. I love to laugh and be playful. I am also very smart, both with books and with everyday life. I would say I am very down-to-earth. I LOVE to have good conversations about different topics. Now, I don't expect people to agree with my views nor do I expect to agree with their views, and I believe everybody should stand up for what they believe in. I just like to hear how other people see the world. Integrity and being trustworthy has always been the center of my character. I am easygoing but love to be active; I like doing things and being creative. I am a very positive person; I like to look for the silver lining in situations. I would say I am much more of a spiritual person than a religious person. I believe life should be lived to the fullest and you should go after every dream you have. I like adventure and seeing new places, meeting new people and going on trips. I enjoy sports, particularly baseball and hockey, though I am not a sports nut. I prefer playing sports rather than watching them. And last but not least, I enjoy water, especially warm water, like Hawaii. Surfing and scuba diving are my favorite water sports. Retiring on a warm tropical beach is definitely one of my dreams.

Now, why did Samara matchmaking agency interest me? Well, like I said, I like adventure. Also, I am looking to marry the most amazing woman that I can find. And if amazing women exist in other parts of the world then I better not ignore that. Now, I know getting an international marriage to last is VERY tough. I myself come from a mixed background with my mom being from Taiwan and my dad being from the US. Mixing two cultures and taking someone away from their home is a very, very hard adjustment, but my parents are still together after 36 years and I believe this can be true for me as well. So no, I don't believe in divorce.

I am looking for a russian woman to be more than a wife; I want her to be my best friend. I am looking for a person who is very passionate about life and wants to take advantage of every minute they have on this earth. She has to be trustworthy and honest...in my book that is the center of the marriage. I would like to marry a person who wants to come to the US to enjoy all of the wonderful opportunities that exist in this country. Although I am looking to settle down, I am not looking to start a family right away. I believe 2 people, especially when they are young, should enjoy the freedom of being just a couple, enjoy each others' company and go on some adventures together.

OK, I think that is a good start about me and what I am looking for. Here are some questions that I would like to know and they may give you some writing ideas for your return letter.

-What are you looking for in a man?
-What dreams would you look to pursue in the US?
-Why do you want an international marriage and what do you think will make it work?

Thank-you for taking the time to read this lengthy letter, as I wanted to put my best foot forward, after all, this is my first impression. I look forward to hearing from you.


Redmond WA, 98052

PS: If you do not have access to e-mail, then please write to the above address or call my phone number. Best wishes!

Guest Guest 5 August 2018 21:10 Reply
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