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I believe in fortune. yes, I have got a nice family, my brother has a good marriage, its very friendly and happy.

for Him

hello, dear Travis!
 I always with joy get your letters and read them with great interest.
 I am pleased that we have  mutual  understanding and respect to each other.
 I think it's a  nice  bases for future happy  and  loving relations. what do you think about it?
  I  believe in fortune. yes, I have got a nice family, my  brother has a good marriage, its very  friendly and happy.
I  am very happy for my  brother  because    love  and respect  are the main in his  marriage.
 And that's  why I  am sure that there is  my second  half somewhere  who I'll be happy  with and I'll meet  it.
 In Belarus I  know  exactly that there is  no  my second half that's why I addressed to this nice Vitebsk matchmaking agency. Lot of  girls  have  found  their happiness through this dating agency and I was recommended to  enter this agency.
And I am sure  that   I am on the right  way.
 I want to say that each person has the right for happiness and that's why I am ready to find the only and  unique man  and go  with  him even to the end of  the world. I like the  men of  action and  who  treat  to them like  princesses.
what's new in your life?
With respect and tenderness,

from Vitebsk
Belorussian pretty future wife Tatiana from VitebskByelorussian Woman Seeking Men Tatiana from Vitebsk

Hello Tatiana!
My Name Is Travis.
I live in Dallas,Texas USA. I'm 5'11" dark hair green eyes and in good shape. I do not have any children but having a child is a top priority in my life. I have a very successful career as a broker in the insurance business. I'm very outgoing. I like to snow ski, scuba dive, ride motorcycles, camp out,cook out and watch sports. I love to make people laugh. I'm very close to my mom and dad and I have three wonderful sisters. I'm looking to meet a Vitebsk girl that is attractive and outgoing and wants to raise a family. If thats you and you have some interest in getting to know me better,than let me hear back from you soon. The weather here in Dallas, Texas is a very comfortable 72 degrees. Its just wonderful. The United States is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.The people hear are very friendly. But, I'm looking forward to visiting Belarus. I love to travel. Theirs so many things I would Like to know about your country. I'm very excited about this and I'm looking forward to the responces.
Have a wonderful day.
Grapevine, TX 76051  USA

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Dear Vitebsk dating manager,

       I became a member of your company today and am looking forward to meeting a nice Belarus lady for marriage.  I have obtained some addresses from your matchmaking website and will be mailing the ladies a letter soon.  I noticed one lady that was interesting to me, however, she does not have an e-mail address so I ask that you please send her a message for me.  Her ID# is Tatiana VT31B and she is from Vitebsk.

       I am also considering going on one of your tours in Minsk or somewhere else.  In the meantime, if you know any ladies that would like to get married and would be interested to invite me to their home and pay for the expenses, I would consider it.  Please let me know.  I would be very grateful for this and would get you a nice gift.

       I speak Russian littl bit and came to the U.S. when I was just 15years old.  I look forward to working with your dating Belorussian company.


Guest Guest 10 August 2018 13:13 Reply
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