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My daughter is the air I breathe. We have many ways of entertaining. We train in the gym, go in for aerobics.

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My name's Lora. I was born 28.01.1988. I live in the south of Ukraine in Kherson. It's not big but very beautiful and cozy. Kherson is rich and famous for its numerous historical places of interest and marvelous nature. When I have some free time I like going to the country somewhere closer to the river Dnieper with my daughter and enjoying fresh air and fabulous views. My daughter's name is Natasha. She is a pupil of the 11th grade.
I'd like to meet a man who'd substitute my daughter's father and treat her as he was her real father. My daughter is the air I breathe. We have many ways of entertaining. We train in the gym, go in for aerobics. We always keep fit. We adore traveling round various cities and countries, if we have such an opportunity. We had a rest in the Crimea and Bulgaria this summer and we liked time we spent very much.
We live in a three-room flat with our pets - the Persian cat and the English Cocker Spaniel.  We love them a lot.
I'd like a man who is interested in me to become my second half,  to be with me in joy and sorrow, to have no harmful habits and to be my daughter and my support in every respect.
You'll find out more about me if you reply my letter.
So long.

from Kherson
blonde sexy Lora from Khersonslim body single girl Lora from Kherson

Hello Larisa!
You may not know this, but you have made me happy by sending me your letter. I was truly wanting to receive a letter from you, and I am happy that you wanted to see more of myself, and to hear more about me. But first, I would like you to know that I am very glad to know you, and I admire you for what you are doing for yourself, and your daughter. I DO understand what you meant by her being controlled. I am fond of you because you have your own business, and I am sure that being alone you do not have much free time. You should be very proud of yourself though, and I mean this sincerely. You have accomplished a great deal on your own. And on top of all that, I would like you to know that I believe that you are a very beautiful Kherson lady. I hope that we can become very dear friends, and perhaps more then that. I wish I could send you more then one picture at a time, but with my Internet service, it takes much time when I send more then one picture at a time. I promise you, I will write you often, and I will include a different picture with every letter. Agree? The picture I send to you with this letter is of me of course at my sisters wedding. This took place 5 years ago, and I look the same as I write you this letter, except I do not have my beard any longer. I do not have much time to do the things that I enjoy either, so you are not alone in that regard. I work too much, and I am sure you do too. We need time to enjoy life, and it is hard for me even being alone. I can only imagine what it must be like for you. I would like to find someone to spend my life with, and I am completely willing to go all around the world to meet this person if it means I would not be alone any longer. I am a very considerate man to everyone I meet, because I would hope that they would return this to me. Sometimes though people are not that way, and that is fine with me. I no longer have dealings with them after that because I do not need it in my life. I am not sure if I told you this in my letter to you, but my strongest belief towards a relationship between a man, and a woman is that under no circumstances should the man be abusive towards the woman. My father raised me to believe in this, and I very strongly do. I would much rather show the woman my love, and devotion to her then to be inconsiderate in any way. I have been amazed for some time how some women will keep going back to such treatment. They do not deserve this, and I am sure you agree with me about this. My parents are both retired now, and are enjoying their retirement but they want to see me with my own family. Sometimes I think that this bothers them more then it bothers me. I have two brothers(John, and Ed) and I also have two sisters(Pat, and Kathy). My parents adopted Kathy when she was a baby, and I can remember running home to see her for the first time after school the day my parents brought her home. My family is an extremely loving family, and we all get together for family gatherings. My biggest desire would be to have a wife, and children to take to such events. I have problems from time to time being at these events because I am alone. But I can only keep trying to find that one special woman from Kherson who will decide that I am the man that she wants to grow old with. I enjoy nature, in any way I can experience it. I enjoy the ocean, and the many lakes here. Some of the lakes you can not drive to, you must walk in to them. They are my favorite, because many people will not go to these places, and you are free to do as you please there. Before I end this letter to you Larisa, I would like to ask you if you would send me a picture of you too? I would cherish it for ever! I am very hopeful that we will write each other many times in the future, and I would like to know what you are hoping for in a relationship. I just looked at your letter again and seen that you go by Lora! I hope that you forgive me for not noticing this until now. Please write to me when you have time, and remember that I would truly like to get to know you very well, and that you can expect more letters from me soon. I sincerely hope that you find who you are wanting in your life, and I can tell you that I would be very pleased if that turned out to be me. I will be thinking of you!
Yours Truly
Rainier, OR 97048  USA
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Dear Lora!
     I have seen your profile on Kherson matchmaking site.  I would like to correspond with you if possible?
     I am a retired business man, living in Ludington, Michigan, USA.  I participate in tennis and golf, with some recreational boating.  Ludington is on Lake Michigan,the largest body of fresh water in America.
     If you are able to send me an E-mail, I would apprecaite it.  I also will send you some pictures when I receive your E-mail address.
     I have friends in Ukraine near Kiev and Odessa, and have been to their cities.
     You are a very pretty Ukrainian lady!

Guest Guest 10 August 2018 13:18 Reply
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