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I used to dance, paint, learn to play musical instruments, sing, etc. Now I enjoy visiting different trainings.

for Him

Hello Justin!
I now live in a beautiful city of Kharkov in the north-east of Ukraine. I've spent two years in it. I used to live in some other cities of Russia and Ukraine before. I want to get an advanced degree in the field of chemistry and biology. I am a second-year student at the Kharkov university. My relatives live in Russia, Ukraine, Germany. I live with my parents and younger brother who is 6 years old. I have many friends and I never feel bored and lonely, but I have no close friends. I have much fun with my friends. But I prefer to use my time purposefully. I always strive for learning new information and experiencing new things. It's been my habit since my childhood. My parents used to spend much time on my upbringing and education. I used to dance, paint, learn to play musical instruments, sing, etc. Now I enjoy visiting different trainings.
As for spending my free time...I may go to disco, cafes, have picnics. We may sometimes visit neighboring cities.
I joined the "Kharkov Girls" agency for I think there must always be an alternative. This would make my chance to meet someone to love more probable. And I don't care what country he might come from.
Justin, it will be interesting for me to know what your strivings are. I mean your plans for the future. And what qualities do you value most?
Best wishes,

from Kharkov
wonderful smart student Tatiana from Kharkov

Hi Tatiana,

How are you?    

Using the internet to meet a girl is new to me...so please be patient with me. Yours was only the second video I watched and I didn't need to see another one. 

You are very attractive ukraine girl!  You have pretty eyes and a warm smile.  You seem a bit shy, which tells me you are sincere and real.  And students are always nice people!     

I also like spending time outdoors, hanging out with my friends and traveling. 

I'm really into mountain biking, backpacking (summer and winter), backcountry skiing, canoeing, etc.  This summer, a friend and I are planning to climb Mt. Elbrus in Russia.  I don't think that's too far from Kharkov...just around the corner (Black Sea).

But, after a hard workout, I like to just hang out with my friends.  We'll go to a cafe or bar, have a coffee or beer, relax and just talk about whatever.

Traveling is a big part of my life!  I'm from New Mexico (USA), but I grew up overseas in Saudi Arabia, Spain and Italy, and I've been working overseas the last three and a half years .  I work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a Project Engineer.  I'm a civilian.  It's a great job!  There are lots of overseas opportunities. 

I spent two years in Seoul, Korea and the last year and a half in Grafenwöhr, Germany.  Grafenwöhr is about one half hour's drive from the Czech border.  Prague, Czech is just two hours drive!

So...I hope you will email me and tell me more about you.  First impressions are important and you made a good one with me!

Can you communicate in English?  I don't speak Ukrainian or Russian (which do you speak?)...but maybe we could help each other to learn! 

If you want to ask me anything or would like to see more photos or whatever...just ask...don't be shy!!! 

APO, AE 09114  Germany

P.S.  A friend and I are planning a trip to the Ukraine in a few months but have no idea where to go or what to see.  I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.  Also, my friend is looking to meet a nice, "down to Earth" girl from Kharkov too.  Maybe you have a friend that would be interested in communicating with him.

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Hello Beautiful Ukraine Lady:

My name is Joseph Rasputyin Yemhatpe, and I am searching for a feminine
type of a woman, a learned woman and a wifely woman.

I live here in sunny southern Florida and I am a semi-retired man. I build
computers in my spare-time, and I listen to all kinds of music and love to
eat healthy food. I do not drink heavy liquer, just red wine for health
reasons and I do not smoke. I am in the best of health and great
expectations. Would you be so kind as to write me a letter?

Thank you eversomuch for your kindly reply.

Guest Guest 13 August 2018 18:32 Reply
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