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I value reliability and I dream of a family and my husband to share our joy and sorrow together.

for Him

Hello, dear friend!
My name is Olga.
 I was born 22.03.1978.
I live in the big city Dnepropetrovsk.
I happened to be alone in my life, still I lose no hope to meet my true love, give him my tenderness and love. I'm sincere, devoted, passionate and tender. I value reliability and I dream of a family and my husband to share our joy and sorrow together. My friends say I'm very kind, generous and open-hearted.
I'm highly educated. My education is based upon the Humanities.
I've been working for the Railway, I am a manager. I love my job a lot, for none of the trains will be able to leave without me!
I've got two children: my daughter Katyusha and my son Nikolay. They are both students. I love them very much. I sometimes think that they live their own lives. And it's great!
And I'm dreaming of meeting my own love!
I hope to get your reply and thank you for it beforehand!
Sincerely, with love

from Dnepropetrovsk
single mature feminine Olga  from Dnepropetrovsk

Hello my dear Olga!

I like your dating profile very much.  It would be nice to know you better.

Over the years, I have met a lot of women from Dnepropetrovsk, but have yet to meet that very special Ukrainian lady with whom I could spend the rest of my life.  So, I thought in our modern world of technology, I would reach out to you.  I am very fortunate to have a great job with a solid income, so distance and money should not be an obstacle to finding my soulmate.

I am 34 years old, 5' 10" with dark hair and brown eyes.  You will find me to be athletic, attractive (did some modeling), intelligent (Masters in Business Administration at a top school), and every bit the optimist.  And yes, I do have a romantic side. For me, I am looking for someone who might be a lot like you √ someone with a good heart, body, and mind.

Currently, I am working in London, but I am American.  Someday, I will return to the United States.  I think that you would like it there.

Please know that I am serious about a life-long relationship and I would be willing to travel to your city to meet you if we make a strong connection.  Check out my profile and pictures.  Send me an email if you like what you see.  I can tell you more about me in another email if you are interested.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Dean (William)

San Francisco, CA 94104 United States

P.S. For my profile, I would like to include the following if possible.  If this is too long, I can write something shorter.


Explore. I think that is what life is all about – becoming better everyday, learning new things. In my time off, I like to travel to new places, meet new people, and read interesting things. Yet, I also seek balance in my life. My life seems so busy these days; some days I like to just stay home and chill. In my time off, I like to exercise at the gym, jog in the park, or bike with friends. I used to do a lot of volunteer work, which I would like to start doing again. At night, you will find me dining with friends or going to a social event.

Down-to-earth. Like most people, I have had my share of ups and downs, which has caused to me to grow and mature. I am still more an optimist than a realist, but not as much a “dreamer” as I used to be. Today, I am very comfortable and confident with myself and I am very easy to talk to. My friends and colleagues often come to me for advise because I am thoughtful in my response. I still keep a journal of my experiences, though admittedly not a frequently as I used to.
I have a lot of energy and passion too. In college, I landed several lead roles in theater and won some awards in speech contests. I miss it a great deal. It is an amazing feeling to share a deep emotion with someone, much more an entire audience.
Bottom line, I am just a good person who likes to have a lot of fun. I am not afraid of letting the “kid” out.

My best friend or soulmate. She will have many of the attributes that people often request – intelligence, personality, beauty, and optimism. However, the most important characteristic for me is a good heart and maturity. I don’t like to play games, though I don’t mind a person who is playful. I think she will be opinionated, which doesn’t mean stubborn or close-minded but has a point of view on things. She would have a lot of depth because she has experienced life and learned from it. Also, she would be a very genuine person who cannot be easily seduced by a glamorous lifestyle.


Thank you for your assistance,

P.S.  Photo attached

Dean (William)  ​San Francisco, CA
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