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May you not be surprised by the fact that numerous beautiful women in Lvov are alone and look for a foreign husband.

for Him

Hello, Carl !
It's a pity I can't response your letters at once. I hope you don't take offence.  I am too pressed for time due to my business at work. In evening I go to bed too early for I get very tired. I wish I could talk to you more often and have less work to do. But I can do nothing, I have to take care of my relatives.
In September 12th I had my birthday. Now I'm 28. I spent my birthday in one of the most beautiful places of Ukraine - in the Crimea. I had my vacation that lasted several days and my relatives and I went to the southern coast of the Crimea to spend my birthday there. It was warm in the Crimea though in Lvov the weather was not very fine. We swam in the sea each single day. It was just great. It was very pleasant to find myself in a fabulous place, to be surrounded by close people. I was really happy that day! I'm sending you my picture taken on my birthday.
I'm looking for a man who is ready to have his family. May you not be surprised by the fact that numerous beautiful women in Lvov are alone and look for a foreign husband. Our men do not get married due to a complicated economic situation in our country. They can't just take care of their families. I know that the situation is different in your country. Moreover, our parents usually help their children when they are grown up already for young people can't sometimes make enough money to live a decent life. So, I'd like to meet not only a materially prosperous man but a real friend, too. I think understanding and respect are essential for a family happiness.
Let me say Happy Birthday to you, Carl! I wish you to have many reliable friends, to be happy and prosperous, healthy and sound. May all your dreams come true! May you be loved! You say you haven't got many friends. Well, friends can't be numerous. Friendship can be proved only when time passes. I also have many acquaintances, but few friends.
Carl, are you going to visit our country? Are you a happy person? What are your life goals? What place does a woman's love occupy in your life?
What caught your attention in me?
Well, I'll finish my letter here. I like talking to you. I hope we'll keep corresponding.
So long.

from Lvov

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slim sexy body Natasha on beach from Lvov

Hi Nataliya,
Hello There & thanks for you letter. I liked your letter, it was very nice. I think you have a very beautiful name. I sounds very exotic & that appeals to me! I enjoyed your brief description of yourself, and am interested in learning more. My friends would tell you that I am a very loving, hopeless romantic, who will do everything in his power to ensure that his lady-love and family have the desires of their heart, and mind. I am a strong Christian, that believes in the goodness of the Grace of God, and that if we worship him with reverence, we will have all of our needs met. Obviously, I don’t sit in my room, and wait for the good things of Christ to fill my life, I work hard at being a good Christian, and a good accountant, and most of my clients are very happy with me. Additionally, I respect everyone’s opinion and take all information & advice under advisement. If we were deciding an issue that affected both of us, I would certainly ask your opinion, before we make the decision. I may disagree with you at times, but I will always listen to you, and do understand that you have a right to your own opinion.
I believe that we have a great opportunity through the use of the internet to bring the great world down into or own familiar neighborhood, and expand our possibilities to areas that we might not have had access to a few years ago. Just think about it, in our lifetimes, we have gone from hated enemies, with our collective "fingers on the trigger" of nuclear holocaust, to really being neighbors in a global "neighborhood" that we can meet, court and hopefully marry a dear one from across the world.I am interested in knowing much more about you, and hope that you will send me a more in depth email about you and you life in a return email. Additionally, Please feel free to ask me, or tell me, anything that is on your mind, so that we don't have miscommunications choke off what might be a beautiful friendship starting, Okay?
I am curious about the term "pedagogical university". I have heard it mentioned by many of the ladies I have seen on the Lvov dating videos, but wasn't really sure what they were saying, and what that meant. Is it a education program, that teaches future teachers how to teach? I would love to understand more about your work that is important to you. I believe that all parts of our lives help develop who we are, and knowing what you are passionate about will help me to get to know you a little.
Anyway,more about me. I am single, and never have been married. I understand from some research on the matchmaking web that there might be a concern about a over 40 YO man that hasn't been married. Please don't let that concern you. I have had several serious love affairs, and during the hustle & bustle of "life", and our quest for the American dream, either I or the Lady have not been able to get down the aisle. <smile>. I do believe that I have had learned many lessons during the last 5 years that has taught me that I want to become a helpmate to someone, and become their soul mate as well. I know that this does not happen over night, but I am ready to make the commitment of a lifetimewhen I meet the right ukraine lady. I liked what I read about you, and want to learn more about you, hopefully much more!
I live in a little town near the sea as well called Flagler Beach, in the State of Florida. It is not too far from, and right in the middle of, Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, and Orlando. You might know Cape Canaveral from the launches of our space shuttles from there. It is an awesome thing to see a shuttle light up the whole night sky during a launch. Of course Orlando is the Florida home of Mickey Mouse! Do you like Mickey Mouse & Walt Disney? They are a great contributor to our local economy.I cant really place my finger on the distinction for Jacksonville, except maybe it is the insurance capital of the south, but that is not lend itself to international recognition<smile>. Have you ever seen the Atlantic Ocean, or Florida? Its only about 6500 miles to your west! Just a short distance to fun in the sun! Oh I didn't tell you that I used to work in advertising? (well, I didn't actually, but as an accountant for big business, I have been called a fiction writer) Oh no bad humor alert! Sorry!
Right now, I am going through what we call here, "tax season". I am a licensed accountant here, and each year the government requires us to file an "income tax return" to report the amount one had earned in the prior year, and pay whatever tax might be due on those earnings. Our tax laws are quite extensive, and most people will go to someone like me to avoid getting on the wrong side of a tax law. Since everyone in the US must file a tax return before April 15, 2018, you can imagine how busy I am right now. Unfortunately, there is very little time for hobbies, but I do make time to respond to new friends from a distant land. I own my firm but I started it up only about 18 months ago, so it is just starting to bring in steady income. I have been a CPA (certified public accountant) for about 15 years now, so hopefully I should be getting it right by now! <smile>
Right now, I live with my mother primarily due to her recent illness. She is recovering well, and a full recovery is expected. She got depressed and let her diabetes get out of control. The doctors got here motivated, and managing her depression better now, and that a good thing, since at this time of year, I would have a tough time watching at home. I imagine we'd find a way to get whatever was needed accomplished, but I am glad that she is more self sufficient now.My mom is 73 years old, and my father had passed away back in 2001. I do have a sister here in Florida, but she lived on the west coast of FL so she does not get over here that much.
I too have realized that I want children and a family lately, and as I have spoke ofabove, since I graduated college, I have spent much time developing my work skills, and climbing several work levels of responsibility. Each time I went up a level, there was always a new challenge, or opportunity on the horizon, so I didn't really find time for finding a wife. I decided that I wanted to make my own little piece of immortality by producing & raising a couple of children to will hopefully enrich the world, and certainly our lives. I am a very attentive, romantic, and loving man, and It is good to see that you are interested I a whole life with someone, and not a part time lover like many of the women from this country that I have met recently.
I want to meet a Lvov lady that wants to build a life together, raise some children, and face the world with one voice, and to love each other during the good times & the hard times. I would like to get to know your inner world, so that maybe we can become good friends, and hopefully more!
Well, this letter is getting long, so I will end it here. Please share with my some more of your hopes & dreams, and aspirations and more about your daily life.Have you ever studied English? I have started to learn Russian/Ukrainian, but the way I going its going to be a while before I can hold a suitable conversation in your language. I am truly interested to get to know you better, and who know what good things could happen!
God Bless You

Carl Smith

Flagler Beach, Florida   USA
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