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I love holidays very much. There was Fools' Day on April 1st. Odessa celebrates the holiday in a special way.

for Him

Hello Ronnie!
I am glad to have got your soon reply. I must confess your letters prove you to be very kind and loving. You sound very romantic and I do enjoy reading your letters. I am sorry I couldn't respond your letter at once, I was too busy with my work, though I know it is not a good excuse.
I work for a private firm. My working schedule is rather unusual: I have a working week which is followed by a week off. Unfortunately, I can reply your letter only during my week off. When I work my son is at his grandparents' and I miss him very much. When I have some free time he comes back home and I try to spend as much time with him as possible. We may go for a walk, we may go to the amusement park.
Maxim likes circus very much, clowns are his love. It is a pity there is no Disney Land in Vinnytsa, Ukraine, I wish there were many more places for children to enjoy.
Maxim and I saw five parts of "Terminator", we liked the first and the second parts more.
Ronnie, I would like to know more about your family. Do you have any siblings? I've got an elder sister, she is married, we often meet.
I love holidays very much. There was Fools' Day on April 1st. Odessa celebrates the holiday in a special way. Odessa people put funny costumes on, large crowds of people gather in the downtown and everyone has much fun. People from all parts of Ukraine come to Odessa to take part in Fools' parade.
Ronnie, can you speak Russian? It seemed to me you knew it a bit. I can't speak English, but I hope to master it one day.
What is climate in your region like? Our climate is moderate. Winters are not too cold though it may be minus 10 or even 15 centigrade. Spring is too early this year, trees are about to bloom and Vinnytsa is changing. I love spring very much. I feel joy and warmth in my soul. But it has got a bit colder, still I hope Easter will be warm. Easter is on April 11th this year. We dye eggs, make Easter pastry and go to church for the service. Do you celebrate Easter? How do you usually spend it?
I am sending you the picture of me and Maxim.
I will probably finish my letter here. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you back.
Best wishes,

from Vinnytsa
I am sending you the picture of me and Maxim.

Dear Oxana,

     Hello my name is Ronnie Hawkes and I am an American living in a small town or suburb of Houston, Texas. I am looking on the Internet, just as you are for a spouse. Someone, which will hopefully make my life complete. I saw your matchmaking profile on "Vinnytsa girls" site and you look like a very intelligent and beautiful woman that is looking for love just like myself.  I am 45 years old, (183 cm or 5 foot 11 inches tall) and (185 pounds or 89 kg) Man, that is looking for that special Ukraine woman that will hopefully make my life a lot happier and I can spend the rest of my life with.  I am looking for a Vinnytsa woman that has a desire to have children and create a strong family unit and become the center of my world. I will be a husband that loves her and treasures her and treats her with respect and that will be by my side as we go thru life.
     Some of the things that I enjoy doing are horse back riding, riding motorcycles, camping, traveling across the county, diving in the sea, going on vacation in other countries around the world.  I enjoy being romantic, taking long walks, holding hands, nice candle lit dinners and being close to that special someone.  I love to read books and have a collection of old rare books that my father has gotten for me over the years for my birthdays.  I enjoy going to museums and looking at art along with ancient weapons.
     As a child, I have lived for almost 10 years in Japan. I have also traveled extensively in Europe as well as traveling all over Southeast Asia, from the Philippines to Korea. I enjoy people and different cultures; I also enjoy the different foods from each of the countries that I have visited. I worked in Kuwait for six months in the oil fields to help supply our troops with equipment in Iraq after the war ended. At present, I am working here in the USA again in the oil business as a Petroleum Landman. I will explain my job to you in our next letter.
     I know that we will have a language barrier to overcome, but I know that if we both have the desire to overcome the problem that it will occur and that we will be together.

I am looking forward to receiving my first letter from you. Please ask any questions that you might have and I promise to be completely open and honest with you. I believe that truth and honesty and communication are the key to all good relationships and marriages.

Very Truly Yours,

Willis, Texas 77378   United States

P.S. The Picture that is attached is of my self just a few days ago. Don't mind the mess behind me I just moved into a new house. Smile
Ronnie Willis, Texas 77378   United States
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