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I want to be honest: I tried hard to find a decent man here to try my luck again and find my long-awaited happiness.

for Him

Hello Doug! 
I was glad to get your letter. I liked it very much and it was nice to read it. I worked much and I am sorry I couldn't reply it any sooner. Our wishes don't always coincide with our possibilities. Of course, I will have free time when you come to Kirovograd. I don't think I may have troubles with it.
I think your work is very interesting, it takes much imagination. My friend's husband creates furniture, too. I like to watch him working.
I work as a shop assistant in a super market. I like my job for I like being among people and this is the most important in my job. Doug, I didn't want to make you upset. It would be wrong to tell you lies. I smoke, I know it is my bad habit and I try to give it up. I do hope this won't be an obstacle for our further corresponding.
We are going to spend the next weekend close to nature with my friends. We will travel along the river shore in a boat. I love to spend time close to the river. Unfortunately, I never tried to water ski. I think it must be wonderful. I wish to try it one day. It is very warm here. Trees are blooming, the sun shines, spring is reigning in Kirovograd. I love spring and I always feel in high spirits when it is spring outside.
My favorite colors are green and white, I sometimes like black when I mean clothes.
Doug, I saw all photos of yours, I like them very much. You look great. I am sending you some of mine, will you tell me what you think of them?
My son is doing very well. He is a bit naughty, but all kids of his age are naughty, I think. He is leaving for another city this week. My mother will take him with her. I will miss him much.
Am I serious? Do I really want to marry a foreign man? I want to be honest: I tried hard to find a decent man here to try my luck again and find my long-awaited happiness. It took me some time to join the "Kirovograd girls" dating Agency. I did much thinking and finally I made up my mind.
 I hope I will find my happiness abroad and my future family will be friendly and happy.
Do I believe in miracles? I don't know. I would like to hope my life will change.
Doug, I enjoy your letters, you write them well. I don't know who you are in reality, but your letters and pictures prove you are a nice amarican person.
I will be looking forward to your next letter.

from Kirovograd
blonde pretty Voiletta from Kirovogradbeautiful ukraine Bride Voiletta from Kirovograd

Hello Voiletta!

I have veiwed your matchmaking profile on the "Kirovograd girls" dating site and have written to introduce myself  and see if you may feel like exchanging e mail at some time....

My name is Doug, I measure just on 6 ft, wide shouldered, blondish, blue eyed and New Zealander by birth, I'm currently working in Coffs Harbour Australia where I am a  boatbuilder, but my background is in marine toursim, spare time, has me out on the water sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving or studying...and touring around Australia or the net when I start to dwell about the possibility of spending time/dinner/life/world travel of the adventure kind or even a smile with someone nice...

I seek an intelligent and active partner/ best friend who is serious about forming a loyal and loving family, I travel to Europe/Ukraine/Kirovograd in the next three months with the dream of finding this nice person ..maybe this is you?

Best Regards

Coffs Harbour, Australia
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