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It's important you see a friend in your wife and family with kids.

for Him

Saludos Juan !
I received your letter again full of warmth and understanding. I enjoy
reading them. Through your letters I see a strong, kind and very interesting
man, who seems reliable, sincere and calm. There is confidence and strength
in you. I think such a man can create a good family where everybody will be
happy. It's important you see a friend in your wife and family with kids.
You have a son. How old is he? Does he live with you or your ex-wife?
I like sea very much, especially I like to go to the Crimea where the
beautiful warm Black sea and wonderful mountains are! It brings so much joy,
impressions and health!
I like music, adore dancing. I enjoy it very much!
I understood you live in a tourist's place. It must be beautiful. What is
the place you live in?
I know the official language in Mexico is Spanish. What language do you and
your family speak?
Hope to hear from you soon!
   from Vitebsk
Belarus single sexy Svetlana from Vitebsk
Belorussian lovely bride  Svetlana from Vitebsk

Saludos Svetlana!
 I was sad last monday because I was expecting to receive a letter from you, but when all week pass and I didin't receive any I feel sad, I was really looking foward to it, I hope that everything is Ok.

Well I promise to take and send to you some pictures so this is what this mail is going to do, so lets start.

In this mail it only alouds me 1 mega so thats why I'm sending only 2 pictures, monday morning back in my office I woul send you a lot more.

So the fisrt picture is my house, this is where I live ant the little guy in red modeling in the bridge is my son, we where going to a football game so his wearing the uniform of the local team, Los Tiburones Rojo de Veracruz, thets the red sharks, their quite good by the way. My son loves to play football. Far to the left of the picture you can see the main entrance, the tree floors in the middle are starting at the bottom the dinning room, in the middle theres the tv room and in top my parents room. the next 2 floors is in the bottom the kitchen and in top my room. Far in the back is my mothers flamenco studio. As you can see everything is full of plants and trees, in here you can put a broom stick in the floor and in a few days it starts to get leafes.

The other picture is taken in the boulevard, this avenue goes for the entire city and is always by the sea side, in there you coul see the beach and the sacrifice island, Isla de Sacrificios, in there there's a lighthouse and is surrounded by coral reef and the aquaruis, the largest in al latin america, has in there a shark corral, when the sharks get stressed in the tanks, they pñull them out and send them to that corral so they could rest, where taking 4 meters tiger sharks, so they have to be extracareful not to let any one near and no one of the sharks out.

I'm going to send you more pictures of my house so you could see it, I also take pictures of my last scubadiving trip here, another from the rest of the city, I'm sure you would enjoy them.  

Well I hope I'll have news from you really soon, afther not receiving a letter this week I realise how important is begining to mater to me to hear from you. Hope you could find the time and that we can meat real soon.


Best regards and wishes!!!


So the fisrt picture is my house, this is where I live ant the little guy in red modeling in the bridge is my sonMy son loves to play football
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