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I fell ill and then I had to catch up with my group mates at the Moscow university.

for Him

Hi, Calif !
It's me at last. How are you? How's your moving? How are your parents and your friends? Everything is all right with me. Sorry for having kept silent. I was really busy. I fell ill and then I had to catch up with my group mates at the Moscow university. I'm going to have my exams and credits in a week.  I have to do much work, indeed.  I have no time to rest at all.  I get home, have dinner or supper and study till I go to bed. It's awful. I feel too tired. I know our educational system is rather intense and it differs from yours.  It's easier for you to study in your country. It seems like I always describe my studies as boring. I'm already looking forward the new Year's holidays. I don't know what presents my parents would like to get.  If you want to present something, it's up to you to decide what to give. It'll be a nice surprise, then. I don't even know what I'd like to be presented.  My parents can't speak English. They studied it at school. It was long ago. They can say some words and phrases. But you know they are not enough for communication full of value.  I think we'll find what to do when we're together. Don't you agree? I will show everything worth seeing to you.
 I'm waiting for your CD and for a film with you. Say Hi to Kait. She is very sweet and beautiful.
I'm sending you some of my old pictures. I hope you don't mind. You may do the same, by the way. How's Bill?
I'll write to you as soon as possible.
I think of you all the time and I don't forget you.
Take care.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Big kiss and big hug.
Always yours,

  from Moscow
P.S. Don't you, please, take offence.
single university student Inna from Moscowoutdoor pretty fiancee Inna from Moscow

Hello Inna,

I was just thinking of you.. so I thought I would write and say hello.. Just
got back from working on some more music.. Me and this other guy are working
on new music.. and putting together a set.. We will eventually be recruiting
some more musicians to play with us.. I am going to Las Vegas next week.. I
plan to look for some jobs, and places to stay.. hopefully soon.. I will be
moving out there to live.. You would like Las vegas.. there are a lot of
lights, and really neat shows..  las vegas is close to a lot of nice areas
too.. just a few hours in either direction and we would be somewhere nice! I
will take some pictures of me and my friends at vegas.. I will send them to

Work is going ok.. how is school going? or are you an a break?  How well do
you speak english?  can you read and write English? if not... how long do
you think it will be before you can?  I can't begin to imagine how hard it
is to learn a different language and our age... They always say it is a lot
easier to learn when you are young.  Can anyone else in your family speak

I was really glad to find out that you considered us in an exlusive
relationship.. That made me feel really good and excited.. I know I can make
you happy!  I cant wait to get to know you better yet!  Is your friend Misha
going through Moscow marriage agency? 

I dont think i have seen her..
I think it would be neat if we introduced her to my friend Bill..
Wouldnt that be neat if you both
could come to the US together! 

Have a good friend close by!  I'm not sure
if Misha would like him.. he is a really nice guy!

Inna.. Is your personality as beautiful as you are?  From your pictures and
the video segment I have seen.. I would guess that you are a very happy,
fun, loving person..  That is exactly what my dream women would be.. Someone
as beautiful on the inside as the outside.. You are definately beautiful on
the outside.. And I would guess that your personality is great!  I so want a
very loving, happy, affectionate relationship!  I hope you want the same! 
Well I better go.. I think I am starting to ramble on... I'm getting tired..
Well I look forward to your next email.. I hope everything is well with you
and your family..

Until next time..
I'm thinking of you..
Inna.... Calif

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