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I am a communicative person, I like friends and active rest.

for Him

hello, Jean Luc!
 Thank you for your letter. I am interested in your  letter and I would like  to  know  more  about you, your  style of life, your  habits, job and your family.
 I live in town St. Petersburg - Russian port city on the coast of the Baltic Sea, which for two centuries served as the capital of the Russian Empire.
 I live  with  my  parents  and my  brother.
 My parents  are retired and  my  brother studies at the  St. Petersburg technical university.
 Where do you live, in the  house or apartment?
 By  occupation I am a    nurse.
 Write   me  in detail about your  job. What is your occupation?
 I am a serious person  and  want to have  serious relationships for   creating a strong  and  friendly family, founded on   mutual understanding and love.
 What are your plans?
 By  my  character I am  a communicative person, I like   friends  and  active rest.
 I like  reading and    music, travelling.
 How do you spend your spare time?
 Do you have   many  friends?
 If you have   questions   ask  me  and  I will frankly  answer all your  questions.
 With best regards.

    from St. Petersburg
wonderful single nurse Elena from St. Petersburg

Hello, Elena!

I allow it to write to you, I like much your matchmaking profile and your photographs!
I life in Country of the Loire in the department of Mayenne, it is not very far from Paris and not very far from the sea in Brittany in the west from France, not easy to live there besides, although I would be originating in this area, but I passed the majority of my life abroad and in Biarritz in the Basque Country located in the western south of France, finally fortunately that the paradise is there or one does it....
I frequently go all to Biarritz in the western south of France or I have an apartment at the seaside and or lives my daughter of 1ŕns Andréa which lives with its mom who it is remarried I lived 20 years there. 
I created my company in the field of biotechnology, care and health of the animal world,
In both cases, the quality of life is very pleasant, I think that I am privileged, because if I want to leave I go to Paris, Rennes, Nantes or in Biarritz. For the remainder, I like the pretty things, to have a sympathetic house it is very significant for the framework of life of the family, I like the fashion, the music, the voyages, the literature, art, the history, Rugby, the sea......
Of share my occupations, I am very often in Paris.
I was registered with a real desire to meet a person with whom I will share the nuances of the life, heat, the intelligence in the respect of the identity and the personality of the other. But, it is rare to meet somebody knowing to detect the nuances of the other with understanding. I am very interested to know you. 
I would be very happy to meet you in St. Petersburg, 
In waiting to read you, 
Sincerely with you, 
Jean Luc

Vautorte, 53500, France
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 Hello Elena,
I would like to introduce myself, I am John. I am very interested in writing and getting to know you.
I live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts USA.
I am looking for an honest, sincere russian woman from St. Petersburg, who is interested in a life long friendship, love, marrage and family.
I am a white male 5' 10", 190lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. I am searching for the woman on this earth that is my soul mate.
I love to have fun, dance, movies, concerts and many other things I will let you know if you may be interested in me.
I hope to hear from you and I promise to reply to all letters.
I can't wait to hear from you and someday meet you in from St. Petersburg/Russia.

    Boston, Massachusetts   USA
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 14:03 Reply
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