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They were performing the show based upon the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare and Charley Chaplin's motives.

for Him

My best regards to you, dear Andrew!
I am glad to keep corresponding wit you in the new year. I hope this year will be happier and more joyful for all of us. I have recently got back from my trip. My friends and I went traveling. We spent our holidays in St. Petersburg.  We live in Kazan in the center of Russia and the climate is much warmer here. It was drizzling on the New Year's Eve. As soon as we were in St. Petersburg we found ourselves in the real winter. It snowed heavily and we finally had a holiday mood. I am sending you my picture to prove my words.  I visited many festive performances, got many impressions. I was especially impressed by the icy performance - the champions in figure skating, our old idols, were marvelous. They were performing the show based upon the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare and Charley Chaplin's motives.
I was so excited that I could hardly applaud, I couldn't take my eyes from what was going on on the skating-ring.
Now I got down to work again, though I don't feel like working at all. I keep resting. At this weekend I stayed at home, had a good sleep, reread my favorite books, watched my favorite movies.
Would I like to work in a foreign country? Well, if I had my favorite work and was not short of money, I would work for nothing, I would teach some philological disciplines or dancing. I think we all should realize ourselves, we should be useful for society. Otherwise we would just be parasites.  I would like to have two children. 
Well, that seems to be all by now.
With best wishes,

  from Kazan, Tatarstan
wifely sexy woman Natasha from Kazan

Hi Natasha!

My name is Andrew, and I am writing you because I read your dating profile, and like what read and thought that you were a sincere and interesting person, and I wanted to get to know a little more about you. 

I guess to get things started, I will tell you a little more about myself.  I am 32 years old, never married, and no children.  I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  If you try to find it on a map, it is about 100km east of Toronto.  Cambridge is a nice, clean town of about 100 000.  I have lived here since July of 2009.  Before that I lived on the East Coast of Canada, mostly in the province of New Brunswick, but also for a few years in the province of Nova Scotia.

I work in an automotive parts plant in the nearby (about 20km away) city of Guelph, making car parts for companies like Ford, General Motors, Honda, Isuzu, Chrysler, and even Caterpillar.  I worked initially as a machine operator, but am now a production supervisor, in charge of two product lines that take up almost ╪ of the plant.  I have worked there for seven years, and really enjoy what I do.  It is very interesting, and every day brings a new challenge, as well as the opportunity to learn something new.

I guess something else I should mention here is why I am doing this in the first place.  Well, obviously, I have had no luck meeting women here, and after a couple years of thinking about it, and doing some research (that is right, it has taken me two years to get the nerve to do this) I felt that this was the best thing for me to do to meet someone compatible with me. 

Finally, I have a question for you; why have you decided to meet someone this way, and possibly even move thousands of kilometers away from your home and family in Kazan.  When you think about it, it is quite a big deal, and I don't know if it is something I could do, so I admire your courage in just considering it.

That is it for now.  If you have any questions you would like to ask, about me or where I live please do so, I would be happy to answer them.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Cambridge, Ontario N3H 3N7 Canada

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Dear Tatarstan lady,
I am very interested in meeting you!
Cheers from Holland!
Big smile :)

Guest Guest 16 August 2018 12:40 Reply
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