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I am a nurse. I love my work. A doctor is probably a vocation.

for Him

Dear Anton!
I am sincerely glad to hear from you.
First of all, I would like to say I am deeply proud of my profession - I am a nurse. I love my work. A doctor is probably a vocation. I think there must not be indifferent and "occasional" people in the field of medicine.
Will you tell me in detail about your work? What is your specialization?
My husband was a doctor. But irretrievable happened... I have been a widow for 7 years. We used to have everything  -love, happiness, passion, mutual understanding. So, it's now not easy to trust...
I have a daughter, she is a student at the Samara university, the department of psychology.
I am very kind, tender, understanding, I love children much.
I would be happy to have a loving, faithful, reliable, decent, sincere, kind, strong to share my life with. I would be happy to have a family with him. These all can be felt during a personal meeting only, don't you think?
Tell me about yourself, your family.
Are you going to come to Samara?
Sincerely yours,

   from Samara
wifely woman nurse Tatiana from Samarawifely Lady nurse Tatiana from Samara

Dearest Friend!

Let me introduce myself, I am Anton. I am a white male, single and never married before. I have brown hair and blue - green eyes. I am 1,83m. tall, 75 kg. I am 34 years old and my cosmic sign is libra. I don't smoke and am not a serious drinker.

I reside in South Africa - the country they call, the land of milk and honey (sunshine I should add ). We have a warm climate, mostly 300 days of sunshine per year.

I am based in Pretoria and live in the suburb Meyers Park. It is situated in the eastern part of Pretoria. I speak English and Afrikaans ( my mother language ). Afrikaans is sort of a dialect from the Dutch language. Us Afrikaners are known as " Boeri " in Russian, if perhaps you know about this historical connection. Home is also base for my work and occupation.

I work as professional photographer. My studio is at home, but work takes me to the road quite often. My work is very interesting and diverse. Photography is a passion deeply rooted inside me. It started at school and I futhered my education after school. Nature photography is one of my hobbies, along with watches. I love to study and collect them.

As you can imagine, along side the nature photography I also enjoy the outdoors. I love nature, animals and adventure. I have a German Shephard dog as pet, her name is Roxane. I also like reading, travelling - experiencing cultures. Things that inspire me.

I would descibe myself as a traditional kind of man and a romantic. Friends say I am gentleman like. I believe I have high moral values and standards. We have a strong family connection and I would like to continue that in a family of my own.

My word is my honour. I suppose if I were living in ancient times, I would have been one of those men dressed in those large white shirts ( like in old French movies ), defending my lady 's honour with a sword ( ha ha ! ).

I like the home life, spending quality time with good friends and family. Our time in these demanding times are short - make the most of it. I also enjoy good food and wine.

I am Christian and my religion is something of importance to me. I like children and would like to have some of my own. Having children with the love of your life, must be the icing on the cake. I have always been a one woman man, and my lady have my full devotion.

I want her to be my inspiration in life. Through her love and devotion, I will be able to perform at my peak. She will complete me as a successful human being.

I enjoy music, a wide selection - pop, classic and some jazz. I enjoy theatre and performing arts. We have the Bolshoy here once a year. It's a real treat to watch the ballet company perform. I enjoy cinema.
I would love to hear from you. I sincerely hope to establish something meaningfull. I would love to receive photographs as well.

In the mean time, I send you my best regards

Yours sincerely


Meyers Park, 0184
   Pretoria, South Africa

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