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As for me I divorced, have no children. I live in my own little house with a garden.

for Him

Hello, Martin!
I was glad to receive your letter.
 I 'd like to know more about you, your  job and hobbies, habits and so on. In my turn I answer all your questions if you have some.
 As for me I divorced, have no children. I live in my own little house with a garden. My father, 60y.o. is a  widower. My brother, 30 y.o. 
Sochi is a typical southern town. It's situated on the Black Sea. It's very nice here especially from May till November. There are many flowers and green trees! Our people are very kind and hospitable.!
I graduated from Voronezh University of Culture and worked at one of the libraries.
 I am kind, honest, faithful and sympathetic person without harmful habits. I am orthodox and like going to the church and listening to spiritual music. I like reading , traveling, watching interesting TV programs, seeing museums, cinemas and exhibitions. I like art and all the beautiful in life , nature and art!..
I m interested in people's traditions and customs.
I hope to meet kind, faithful and honest man to share love and all the life with.
I 'll waiting for your answer. please tell about yourself.

yours Nadezhda
   from Sochi
Russian Woman Nadezhda from Sochi Seeking Mensingle woman Nadezhda from Sochi

Hi, Nadezhda!
I was very pleased to read your personal dating profile and decided to write you. I am a very kind and good person (at least in my opinion :-) ). I am 5 feet 9,170 lbs and in great shape. I work out almost everyday, not into bodybuilding but I do a stairmaster for 45 minutes, then work some equipment to tone my body. So I TAKE PRIDE IN MY APPEARANCE, but also do it for it makes me feel good inside. Now I am 49 years old, but do not act it or look it. I feel more compatible with woman in their 30"s ,or 40's then woman my age. Woman my age are too "old" for me. But please tell me if you feel if I am too old for you and I will understand.
I am very active, work hard but that is okay. My goal in life is to meet my true Sochi soulmate. Not to play Internet games. I am a man, not a little boy (but I can be very funny and playful) I also have a very serious side to me. I realize their is a lot going on the Internet, some people really want to meet and others are playing games. Anyway what I am looking for is someone who will be my best friend, companion in life, know me better than anyone else in this world, know my moods, good qualities and not so good moods, and love me through it all. In Return I will be the "best man in the world." , What it really is about is caring about someone, total consideration and giving your heart. I also realize that even though you live in a beautiful country it is hard their. Here in America, life is much easier, more affluent, but when it comes to love and romance, we have as many problems as people in your country. When two people can trust each other totally, we might have the secret that we are all looking for.
I am described by my friends as a really nice guy with a look of class. I can be a great friend to people. My short comings is that I tend to trust people too easily and that has gotten me in trouble in he past. American woman, for the most part are greedy and ruthless, but that is a general statement for their are exceptions. And I was married in the past and am divorced for 5 years. I feel that I have a lot of experience in life, am much wiser and know what I want.
I hope you have gotten to know me a little better and will work on getting you out some pictures of myself. I really hope to hear from you very soon., and hope you are doing well

Plantation, FL 33322   United States
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