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What family would you like to have? What is going to dominate in your family?

for Him

Hello, Patrick !
Thank you for your message.
Tell me more about the place you live in now and the place you were born in. Have you got any siblings?
Will you share your plans and dreams for the future with me if you don't mind?
 what family would you like to have? What is going to dominate in your family? What is a woman of your dream like?
 I like the men who value and respect women, I like the men who realize their duty to protect a woman in any life situation.
I'd like to tell you some words about my son. He is 7,5 years old, his name is Ruslan. My son is wonderful! He goes to kindergarten now. We spend much time together, I try to devote all my attention, all my efforts, all my strength and energy to my child.
As for our free time... When it's warm outside, we may go to the picnic or to the river beach to have a good rest there. We prefer spending time out-of-doors, of course. But now, as it's cold outside, we have to stay at home most of time. Still, we don't feel bored!
I hope to hear from you soon. I also hope to hear some interesting stories from your life.
Sincerely, Tatiana

  from Krasnoyarsk
single woman Tatiana from Krasnoyarskbride Tatiana from Krasnoyarskfiancee Tatiana from KrasnoyarskHe is 7,5 years old, his name is Ruslan.

Hello Tatiana!
My name is Patrick and I am a businessman from New York City. I am a member of the "Krasnoyarsk girls" club and I am writing this letter to introduce myself to various members. Although I am not very good at writing letters and will not be capable of presenting my humorous personality in them, under the circumstances a letter will have to do. I hope you like it.
I was born February 14, 1976 which makes my astrological sign Aquarius. I work in the procurement (purchasing) and computer departments of a major electrical construction company in New York City. I am 5' 10" tall, and weigh 165 lbs. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I was born Jewish, but I am following the Christian faith now. Although I go to church every Sunday morning, I am not extremely religious. Some of my hobbies include computers, body shaping, woodworking, dancing, and photography. I also like music and go to concerts whenever I get the opportunity. Sporting events are fun to attend and I sometimes take my 2 young nephews to New York Yankee baseball games at the stadium. I am usually very funny and social. I have good friends, but actually prefer a quiet candlelit dinner for 2 with a good movie, champagne, and chocolate for dessert.
I work for a large electrical construction company located in the middle of Manhattan. The Broadway theatres are only within a few blocks of my office. I am also just a couple of blocks from the bright lights of Times Square, which is where the big ball drops during the New Years celebration. There is no place on Earth with more activity and excitement than New York City. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It truly is the city that never sleeps. Bright lights, many dance clubs, restaurants, art galleries, museums, Broadway Theaters, and anything else you can imagine or ever want any time of day or night. Actually every once in awhile I enjoy a night in the city. I like to dance at some of the clubs. I am pretty good at hustle and I like to be with the crowd. Although I am fairly quiet and easygoing, I do like the bright lights sometimes.
When I get out of work my bus ride home takes about 45 minutes. I actually live in a quiet suburb of the city. It is very beautiful with lots of parks and golf courses. There are plenty of good schools and no crime. Most people do not even lock their houses and cars during the day. I know it will be a great place to raise children in the future. I like the quiet and peaceful lifestyle, however, I still only live a 45-minute car ride from Manhattan should I ever need the excitement. Manhattan is the exact opposite of the suburbs and it is impossible to get bored there.
I am looking outside the USA for a Krasnoyarsk wife because of the terrible change in family values and structure in recent years. I want a very warm and loving home for my family and myself. It is important to me that a family spends some quality time together every day. It is also important to me that the family eats dinner together at least most of the time. Many years ago in America the family dinner table was the place where most open communications would take place. I want to have open communications with my wife and be her best friend through all of life's adventures. I am a good, honest, and kind hearted person. I am also well educated and strong when I have to be. I am capable of making my dreams in life come true and only wish that I realized what those dreams were at a younger age. Although I feel, look, and live much younger than a 42-year-old, which is why I am looking for a wife much younger than myself. However, I now know exactly what I want in life and look forward to sharing my dreams and my life with my future russian wife and children.
I am looking for a beautiful young lady who is versatile, strong, family minded, and of course, sincere. I imagine that it will not be easy for my wife to give up her present life, family, friends, school, and job, to move so far from home. I know it I would be responsible for her safety, security, and contentment. I know that I have the strength and maturity to use my resources in order to make my wife's transition as smooth as possible. I plan on cherishing my wife forever. I am aware that you must trust that I am serious, kind, and sincere before I get a chance to prove it to you. However, I must also trust that you are truly interested in marriage, family, and moving to New York if everything works out. So we both have to place a certain amount of trust in each other prior to meeting in person.
I will go for now, but I think you have a general idea of who I am. I have much more to tell you but will save it for the next time. I have a great Russian interpreter who got married via a matchmaking club like this. She promised to assist me on any phone calls that I make to you if she is needed. At that time you can gain some good knowledge about her experiences as well. She is terrific and a good friend. So let me know in your reply when you want me to call. Because of my job and the time difference, I prefer calling on the weekend. I usually call 5:30 or 6:00PM Russian/Krasnoyarsk time on Saturday or Sunday.
Thank you for taking the time to read this long introduction. I will anxiously be awaiting your reply. I hope it will be soon.
Best Wishes Always,


Staten Island, New York 10312

My name is Patrick and I am a businessman from New York City.I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I was born Jewish, but I am following the Christian faith now.
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