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I finished Voronezh medical college and I work with children.

for Him

Hello, Scott !
My name is Elena. I’m 29 years old. I was born on 19th of December, 1989. My height is 170cm and weight 56kg. My eyes are blue and my hair is blond. I was born in Sochi, Russia, now I live in Voronezh. I finished Voronezh medical college and I work with children.
In the life I’m open, sincere, kind, romantic, calm person. I like when people around me are happy. I like to make something pleasant to people and I like when they smile around me. The biggest wish in my heart is to have wonderful, friendly family, which will be based on love to each other. I love children very much and I want to devote my life to my family, husband and children.
I also like travelling and I’d like to see the most beautiful places in the world. I love animals and all my spare time I spend with my white poodle. I also like films, listening to music, reading books, nature, sea, spending time on nature with my friends. I like calm, friendly companies, where everyone value, respect and trust each other. Where people can listen to each other and forgive each other.
I’d like man besides me will be happy and make me happy too. I see him like attentive, caring, reliable, loving, gentle and tender man. And I believe that such man will come to my life and he always will be with me.

  from Voronezh
wifely woman Elena from Voronezh

Hello Elena, I am writing you this introduction simply because I saw your picture and was so captivated I had no other choice but to contact you.

My name is Scott, I live in a rather large city of 900,000 people in the USA called Cleveland, OH. The city is nestled against one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie.

I am 38y/o, no kids, divorced after a brief one year marriage. She left while I was at work and never saw her again. I think now when she married me she never did love me and in the end she couldn't deal with that, but who really knows.

The one thing I learned from the whole experience is I loved being married and want to find someone again. I want to find someone who I can wake up to every day for the rest of my life and fall in love all over again. I feel marriage is for life and never enter such a thing so lightly as to ever think I could run when things got tough. I would always do what it took to make things right and keep my wife as happy as possible.

I am successful in my work but family and atmosphere at home were always something I feel I missed out on because of it. Now I would love to establish a wonderful serious relationship leading to a happy marriage, to take care of my future family and make them happy every moment, to share all my thoughts, hopes and dreams with one special Voronezh woman, to give her all my love and tenderness in good and bad days, and simply enjoy every second of this wonderful life together. I'd like to meet someone who I can trust, who will be a good wife, great lover and faithful friend for me and a caring mother. I'd like to meet a person who doesn't just try to get through life, but someone who really wants to LIVE LIFE!!! I'm looking for an intelligent, feminine, kind, reliable russian lady, who wants to love and to be loved unconditionally, to understand and be understanding, who likes to laugh, have fun but at the same time absolutely honest, responsible and trustworthy.

I take my search very seriously and If there is one thing I will never do is lie or play games. There is someone out there that needs me and I need them, alone we can do so little but together we will make an unbeatable team. I have traveled a lot in the pass with the company I work for and the military; I've been to 23 of the states plus Germany, Italy, Greece and Canada. I have four weeks vacation time every year and my next vacation I hope will be to meet my future wife and sweep her off her feet

I feel I am a very honest person and think everyone generally has a natural instinct for the truth anyhow and will usually arrive there eventually, why not take the most direct route. I don't need someone in my life to hold me up, but having someone there on those occasions when you stumble backwards, Someone you know will be there no matter what is the one thing that will make any problems trivial.

Physical fitness, I love to stay in shape. It is and always will be a way of life. I can't abide cigarette smoke and I'm the worse since I use to smoke many many years ago. I just decided to give them up one day and went from two packs a day to never picked up another one again. I want to live out a long healthy happy life, till we are old and gray, walking our path through time hand in hand.

I love to cook my own meals not to mention I am good enough to make the occasional candle lit dinner for two.

Communication in my opinion is the main determining factor in any relationship. Why is it so difficult for two people who are supposed to care a great deal for each other, to COMMUNICATE. I never like to guess what is going on, and if you ever want to know what is on my mind, you will just have to ask. Of course after we are married it will likely take only a glance from across a room and you will know :)

I don't feel attachments to possessions, you want something I have, take it, I would give the shirt off my back(generally wear two for this occasion). I love all the subtle things that remind someone you are thinking of them, from a gift, a poem, to just doing the daily things that will make there life a little easier. Some tend to forget such things or just don't have the time, but as it is “Time is but a stream I go a-fishing in”

So there is a little peek into my world. I would love to hear all about you, your life , your hopes and dreams.

Have a fabulous day.

Scott divorced personals
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Sorry for being a pest.  Would like to thank you for your help in my quest for a wife from Voronezh.
I am trying to send two of Voronezh ladies a gift but it wont go threw.  It said to use the same address for shipping and billing.  then it said that it cant ship to the address.  I must be doing something wrong could you please let me know what.
Thank you

Guest Guest 28 August 2018 10:16 Reply
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