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I am very peaceful and calm. In summer many flowers grow near my house, I enjoy watching my flowers.

for Him

Dear Robert!
Thank you very much for your letter.
My daughter Maria is 11, she goes to school and does well. My son Maxim is 6, he just learns to read and write, he is very active. I love my children very much, too. I am a woman of solid family values, I want you to know my intentions are extremely serious. I am not going to waste my time on writing letters in vain, I am eager to meet a man to love and family with. I was left alone when my son was born. Now my kids are rather grown up and I don't feel like being alone any longer. I will be happy if I meet a man to love and take care of.
I am very peaceful and calm. In summer many flowers grow near my house, I enjoy watching my flowers.
Write to me about yourself, ask me questions, I'll answer them all. I want you to get to know me better to understand whether we are for each other or not. I want us to make a right choice. I want to have a family with happy laughter of our children, with a nice and reliable husband next to me.

Happiness , health and care - what else could possibly be needed ?
I wish I told you my words of love when we met.
Please write more about yourself.
  from Kiev
blonde mom Alevtina from Kievsingle mom Alevtina from Kiev

Hello Alevtina,

     my name is Robert and I am responding to your dating profile on the Kiev matchmaking website. My own profile is under the name Yargo.

Well, a little bit about myself. I live in an apartment in a small town called Prestwich which is about 2 miles north of Manchester in the UK. I was born near Manchester and have lived around here all my life. I was born on 31st July 1974 so am now 44. I am 6 feet tall and 170 1bs in weight. My hair is dark brown, though when I was young it was an intensely bright red. My eyes are mainly grey but they are hazel near the centre. I am honest, calm, thoughtful, affectionate, gentle, kind and passionate about the things or people that I value.

My work is mainly as a writer and  work in the area of ethics, or philosophy that sort of thing, trying to explain difficult ideas to people, and usually publish in specialised journals or sometimes articles. I also have a good ability with computers and Information Technology and worked in finance up until several years ago, whilst internet banking was being developed. It is in this role that I spend much time programming and handling the day-to-day contracts with internet companies like Amazon. I am working towards writing full-time and currently looking at themes regarding the ethical aspects of global communication and cultural pressures, and in this respect I am a member of several secular and humanist organisations in the UK.

As for myself, I wanted to study engineering when I left school and did do for 2 years but came to dislike it, so went back to my first love √ the biological sciences. This direction took several turns over the following years passing through Zoology, studies of orientation in animals, to perception then epistemology (the theory of knowledge) and this of course brings me to philosophy. This was my main subject at university but I also studied European Humanities and Music. I have tried to learn several different instruments over the years but never seem to sustain the incentive to push further, or maybe I am just hopeless with instruments! However, it is the theoretical side of music which has fascinated me the most and this was the main part of  my music study at university. Actually, there was a link here to my general intellectual direction as well; If music is described as a language, what does it say that words cannot? There is an underlying expression that these different "language" forms offer in part, but not completely, but an expression of what? I find it all fascinating stuff, but let me stop before I begin to sound like a university professor!!

What I like is music (obviously) mainly classical, and that means contemporary as well. But other types I also like and tend to have "binges" where I suddenly discover some group or music type that had been there all the time. I like the cuisine of most countries but never seem to have the time to learn it for myself. It is mainly Chinese or Italian that I would cook for myself and any visitors brave enough to attempt to eat it! (only joking!). A love going to the cinema. I eat at restaurants occasionally, although there is rarely much chance these days, everyone seems so busy. I don't like night clubs or bars or even pubs, though this might be because I have only experienced the English ones. I read a lot of all kinds, novels, magazines, journals, history, non-fiction. My favourite TV programs are typical, I like films, documentaries current affairs/news, not a big fan of soap operas though and game shows and such, they always make me feel I should be somewhere else doing something useful. All these things though seem flat somehow without someone to share them with.

I keep fit by the use of  some equipment I have (weights and bench and so on) but I enjoy walking in the hills and sports I have been good at are sailing, bowling and badminton.

Something about my family. I have one sister, and no other brothers so it is just the two of us. She is about 2 and half years younger than myself. My parents were divorced when I was 9 years old and both married new partners. My mother has been retired for several years and is about to return from Spain where she has been living. My father should have retired last year but a new project for his company required that he stay to see it become established. He is a Civil Engineer by profession, and my mother worked in health care as a director of geriatric (old people?) care for the local government.

Finally, I have a two year old son myself. His name is Hugo. His mother and  I separated last year, because our relationship had become almost non-existent. Hugo lives mainly with his mother, quite near to my place, though I see him a lot and we have good times together √ just us two boys! He is mixed race as his mother is a British black woman with Nigerian father and Jamaican mother. We never married although we had a house, child and we thought a future as well. But alas, despite our best efforts it seems we were ill suited from the start and those who knew us both have said they are surprised that we achieved as much as we did with the relationship.

My goals for a relationship are to be with a loving partner, a relationship in which we can both grow where mutual respect and friendship are important and we can laugh, and cry and be intimate with each other. I am well known for my gentleness and understanding. I have a curiosity about many many things so my life is never dull or wasteful. Sharing this with another is one thing that I have so far failed to achieve but I hope that I will soon be able to solve this problem with the help of a woman that I can love and appreciate.

So this is it. I hope this is all ok and is useful to you to know.  I have read the details you posted and I greatly liked your photo, so I would very much like to discover more about you if you would allow me..

Sincerely yours


  from Prestwich
    Manchester, United Kingdom
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