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Yes, you're in my list and you're a candidate to be my husband. By the way, you're number one in my list.

for Him

Hi, Karl!
I visit my English lessons with pleasure. I have my lesson every day at 10 a.m., I learn new words, read and translate texts.
How did your teacher get to the USA? Was she in Odessa? I was in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, it's very beautiful. There are many churches, monasteries and temples in Kiev, they are breath-taking. I visited the zoo in Kiev, it was wonderful. I spent two hours in the zoo, still I didn't manage to see all the animals. Would you like to go to the aquapark in Nikolaev (the swimming-pool with the heating system and much entertainment).I'll test you and check your ability to count in Russian.
There is the great park in Odessa with the famous oak-tree in the middle. There are benches round the oak-tree, many cafes. There are other parks in our city with many merry-go-rounds. There are many beautiful churches and temples in Odessa worth seeing.
Are you going to arrive before December 9th or after?
I'll be a wife and a mother, still I'd like to be busy with something else in my life. Of course, my family will come first, I'll cook and bring my kids up, still I would like to have some interests or work. Do you want your future Ukrainian wife to devote all her time to staying at home?
Our men wear jeans and warm trousers made of woolen in winter. They wear warm boots  and all kinds of top-coats.
You come and we may go shopping or visit our markets : I'll advise you something interesting..I don't like men who wear crosses and jeans while dating with their girls. Well, jeans are O.K., but they all are different. Our clothes and footwear are not too expensive.
I used to work as a shop-assistant two months, but I left my job for there were always problems and it was badly paid.
Yes, you're in my list and you're a candidate to be my husband.  By the way, you're number one in my list. 
In what colors is your bed-room?
Ask me questions and I'll answer them all with pleasure.
Have nice Russian lessons.
Thank you once again for your help in my studying English. You "spoil" me with your numerous surprises.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Hopefully, Victoria

   from Odessa
P.S. Give your parents my regards. What did you say at work about your trip to Ukraine/Odessa.? When is your birthday? It's soon, isn't it?   
Elegant girl Victoria from Odessa

Hello Victoria!
My name is Karl, and I'm a 30 year old single American guy who is very happy to make your aquaintance. I noticed that you've recently had your 21st birthday just a few weeks ago, so I'd like to say "Happy 21st birthday!" (a little late, I know!)

Anyways, I'm not sure how these things are supposed to go, so I just usually say what's on my mind, and then things seem to get sorted out as I go along. So, yes, I'm a single white guy who is eventually looking for a very special Odessa lady to share his life with. I haven't had a lot of luck with dating many women here in America, as most of them have not really seemed to be interested in a long term relationship.

I'd definately like to have the opportunity to get to know you a bit better, and I hope that we might have the chance to communicate with each other after this email, and possibly learn more about each other. I would definately like to learn more about you, if that's alright.
I'd just like to say that you definately have very beautiful eyes! I'm sure that many people say that to you, but I think that was the first thing I really noticed about you, was your eyes. (I hope that wasn't too forward of me to say) ^_^

Well, I'm not quite sure how long these first emails are supposed to be, so I think this is about it for my "introduction", but I absolutely look forward to hopefully hearing from you someday. I hope you have a pleasant and happy holiday!

Best wishes to you, Victoria.
Sammamish, WA 98074 USA
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