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I want you to understand that what is between us gives me hope and faith in true love.

for Him

My dearest Robert !
I was happy to get your letters and photo. You share very sincere and important things with me. I can feel you closer and closer to me with each letter written by you. I want you to understand that what is between us gives me hope and faith in true love. Robert, I would like to see your picture each single day, so could you, please, send me it to the Zaporozhye Agency's address?
Robert, I am very excited and happy to know that there's a man who cares for me even though enormous distance separates us.
Robert, thank you for your wonderful words and thoughts. You make me happy. Robert, there are unexpected and pleasant moments in life and our meeting is one of such moments. But there are sad moments, too. So, I would like us to be patient and courageous to keep our feeling safe.
Robert, everything you write to me is very interesting. There are many picturesque places in Zaporozhye, too. I would like to show you our mighty river when you are here. It's the Dnieper.
If I am not mistaken, your work is connected with aqua plants. Will you tell me in detail about your work when you come to Zaporozhye/Ukraine?
Robert, I understand you want to have a big house for your future family. Please, don't you worry, my greatest wish is to see you in spring as soon as you have an opportunity to come.
Robert, I try not to worry, but I can't help worrying before we meet.
Robert, I give you part of my heart, my trust and my "young" feeling of love. I will give you the rest when you come.
The weather is not very cold now, it often rains.
Yesterday I listened to the pianist Jim Brickman and Celion Dion, I thought of you. I believe you, Robert, and I feel your heart's kindness. I will be looking forward to meeting you and looking into your eyes.
Robert, you are on my mind now and I think our relations to be very serious and deep. I want our hopes to come true.
With my smile,
your Irina

  from Zaporozhye
Meet lovely Irina from Zaporozhyenice Ukrainian Lady Irina from Zaporozhye

Ira, my love!
Please forgive me for not writing to you for so long my love. You are very right in that I am very busy at work, and trying to buy the new home. I am well, but also I am tired all the time. I must do everything myself, or it simply will not get done. I am very sorry for missing Womens Day Ira, and I hope you can forgive me. I do not celebrate holidays myself, because I do not enjoy them alone. My trip there will be on the second week of June my love. I do not know what the date will be yet that I will arrive. All I know is that it will be good for me to leave here for a while. I will send money so you can take more lessons my love. I will send it in a couple more days. The new home that I am buying is taking much of my money to finalize the purchase. But it is my dream home my love, with land for a horse, and a big garden. My parent are well Ira, and my sister is too. My dog thinks he must be beside me all the time, and the fish are always wanting more food. When I leave this house to move into the new one, I will not be able to recieve letters from my e-mail address. You will be able to send me letters to my fathers e-mail address. I will have the same e-mail address as I do now but I will need a couple of days to get it hooked up. I will send you a letter telling you when I can no longer recieve the letters, and then I will tell you when I can again my love. I will be glad when this is all over my love. I grow very tired from all this work. I love you Ira with all my heart. I will get some pictures of the new home, and send them to you soon. Tell your parents that I am well, and I hope they are having warm weather.

I send you a very soft, warm kiss Ira.
Please do not worry about me, I will be fine.

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