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Finally I've got some time to write to you. First, thank you, my honey, for your warm wishes.

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Hello, my dear Sam !
Finally I've got some time to write to you. First, thank you, my honey, for your warm wishes. It was such a pleasant surprise for me to get your message with wishes on my birthday. I was especially touched by the fact that you despite of your being tired at night found some time to write to me. I appreciate your care, my dear, you make me feel very happy. My relatives left at last and Svetlana and I are alone again. Svetlana gives you her best regards and thanks you for your care about her mother.  Dear, dear Sam, I wish you came to visit Krivoy Rog. The Krivoy Rog dating Agency with the help which we found each other is very good, nice people work here. I can't go to your country for I've got to have a fiancee visa, that's the only way for me to leave abroad. So, we've got nothing to do but wait for you to come. I really look forward to meeting you, so does Svetlana. It got colder here, we put warm clothes on. I dislike cold weather, I prefer sunshine and warmth. I'm sending you some pictures of us. I wanted to send you the pictures taken on my birthday but something went wrong during the film being developed, so nothing worked out. It's a pity, of course, there were nice pictures.
I liked your house a lot. You know it's possible to say what man lives in a house judging by the house itself. You, just like me, value coziness, beauty, warmth not only in relations,but also in the house you live in. That testifies about your intelligence and nice taste. I like it. I want you to come for the New Year's Day, maybe. We might spend Christmas together. We've got a kind of a sign: the person, one spends the New Year's Day with, will stay with you for a whole year. 
And I want you to be the person I'd spend the New Year's Day with, Sam.
I used to love my birthdays, but now I feel sad a bit for years keep passing, and I've got no my only one by my side. I sometimes feel very worried about you: whether everything is all right with you. I always think of you, I want you to be fine and nothing could make you sad. I wish  you could feel my warmth via my letters, Sam. I want you to be sure that everything will be O.K. with you.
Love is a bridge between two hearts. May the bridge be sound. I want it to be this way and it will be. May you stay in high spirits!
Best wishes from Krivoy Rog!
Your Raisa.
P.S. Will you send me your pictures (any you like), please?
I look forward to hearing from you.
I want you to know that you've got a close and reliable friend in Ukraine/Krivoy Rog.
mature lady Raisa from Krivoy Rogolder woman Raisa from Krivoy Rog

Hi again, Raisa!

I would like to tell you alittle about me.  I hate this part but here goes. I live in Florida and I live alone which is a drag.  I long to find a wifely woman to share my life with and hers with me.  If you have any of your friend say I wish I was single have them write me. I have 4 children and they all live in Iowa.  
My friends say that I am a hard worker and dependable and will go the extra mile to help anyone.  They know that if they need help I am there. 
I am the same when I have found the right Ukraine woman to share my life with.  I will be her soul mate, best friend, husband and lover.  I promise to be a good provider and show her the respect she deserves.  I will help us both to have a happy home and the feeling in our heart on our wedding day will never go away.  I will promise that no matter want, when we go to bed we will always fall asleep in each other arms and you will be the last person I will see and the first I see when I awake. 
When I go to work I know it will be as if a part of my heart will stay with you to protect you while I am gone and to remind you that I love you.  We will never go to bed mad at each other. I want you to know that you and our life together is the most important thing I could ever want. 
I will also be a good provider for your children and will be there to protect them as I will you.  They will also feel the love that we will share and in there eyes they will know want its like for two people to be in love.
You must know that I will spoil you and you will never doubt the fact that this man is head over heel in love with me and I am the luckest woman alive.
This is only a part of how I will feel when I find you, the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life.
Hope this little sample of how my feelings are when I am in love with the right Person and it maybe you. 
{Love is the bridge between to hearts} and we will have the strongest bridge that could ever be.  God himself will look upon use and see the love he has put into our heart.

Hope to hear from you, I have so many questions and I am sure you do also.  Hope that all your dreams are happy ones.


St. Petersburg, FL 33703   United States
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