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I adore theatre! I don't miss a chance to go to the Zaporozhye theatre, and I even try to make my student appreciate this art!

for Him

Hello, Robert!
I am glad to hear from you!
 I work as a teacher at a polytechnic college and I often go to a neighboring city to read my lectures.
I teach technical subjects at a college. I graduated from the polytechnic university last year and got the profession of an engineer-mechanic. I was not too eager to work according to my education, well, you know it's not for women to repair machine-tools, lathes, etc. I like teaching. It brings me lots of joy. I love children, that must be the reason. I go to a summer camp for children each summer and work as an educator there. So, children surround me all year long.
I live with my parents and younger brother who goes to a college where I work. I also have my grandparents who live apart, but we often go to visit them. I have many cousins, ants, uncles, other relatives... We all meet once a year on my grandfather's birthday, it's exactly on December 31st!
I like spending my free time close to nature with my friends. The city I live in is right on the river Dnieper, there are forests, so we have where to organize a picnic. In winter we may go to a night club or stay at home. I prefer active rest, of course, I always feel like going somewhere, seeing something new and interesting. I've never been abroad, you know, but I traveled round Ukraine much, indeed, especially when I was a student. Last year my friends and I went to the Crimea (it's a peninsular in the south of Ukraine that is washed by the Black Sea, surrounded by high mountains and sinks within greenery - the beauty that is hard to describe!). There are many places of historical and cultural interest in the Crimea peninsular, you may see various castles, palaces, monasteries, etc there. The place is real beautiful and picturesque.
Now another crazy idea is getting ripe in my head: I'm planning a trip to Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. I hope you know this city in Russia.
I like various music, Tim, it depends on my mood.
I adore theatre! I don't miss a chance to go to the Zaporozhye theatre, and I even try to make my student appreciate this art! They like to watch the plays instead of reading books. So, I make them combine pleasant with useful.
I am fond of cooking. I always "spoil" my family with something tasty. I am also a hopeless sweet eater, I adore sweets. My favorite sweets are "Rafaela" and "Bounty", I would eat them without any breaks.  My mother says my lips are going to stick together soon, but I don't think so for I speak too much and my mouth can hardly be shut. I think you can notice my love for sweets when you look as my photos. And there's nothing better for me than "Bounty" is combined with a glass of Martini! Mmmm...
Well, I'll probably finish my letter here, I have to go, my working day is not over yet. If you don't change your mind and feel like keeping corresponding with me, write to me then as soon as possible. I'll be looking forward to your reply.
  from Zaporizhzhia

Anastasia bride from ZaporizhzhiaAnastasia fiancee from Zaporizhzhia

Hi Anastasia.... I saw your interview today and i tried to write earlier but it seems there was a problem with my computer. So i am not sure if you received the first letter i wrote. But i was so very impressed with you that i felt i should make sure and write again. I am 45 yrs of age and divorced. I live in Connecticut, which is on the northeast coast of the U.S.. I live in the town of Vernon. I have three kids whom i love very much. My daughter is grown and my boys are 13-15 and live with their mom one town away. I see them very often. I retired from police work and now i work for Honda American Motors. I work in ground transport. I like the work, and the travel. I am home everyday however. I don't travel for days at a time. I am pleased with my life, except that i miss the closeness of a loving, caring and passionate wife. I miss the special friendship that a couple shares. The adventures taken together and the quiet times spent holding each other and enjoying each others company. I know i will find my other half, my soulmate in Zaporozhye city. I appreciate how women from Ukraine treat their families and their husbands. My grandparents came to America from Ukraine many years ago. My mother has 9 sisters and i watched them raise their kids as my mother raised me. I admire Ukraine women their strength...and their soft beautiful femininity. I love that you put marriage and family FIRST. Many american women have put career before their families. This is sad and caused many divorces. I do not drink....except perhaps at special occassions..like weddings..perhaps Christmas parties....but mostly I prefer not to drink. I am a very loving man...very attentive and caring....mostly very family oriented. I enjoy many things, such as, theater, cinema, hunting, fishing, camping, dining out with my beloved special lady and dancing and of course all the family get togethers. Well i know i have written quite a bit and i hope i have given you some insight into who i am and what i am looking for. If you feel that i could be who you are looking for , then why don't we invest the time to get to know each other and see where it goes? I have enjoyed writing to you and hope i will hear from you soon. However if you are not interested, i still wish you allthe best in your husband search for your happiness........
Sincerely yours 
  Vernon, Connecticut
Robert from Vernon, Connecticut
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