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I need someone to follow along our life way adjusting to both the rain and sunshine.

for Him

Hello Joshua!
It was a pleasure to get your letter.  I'd like to keep corresponding with you and get to know each other better.
I am 25 years old. I was born on June 19th, 1993 in the western Ukraine, Vinnytsa. Most of my relatives live there and I often go to visit them and my ukrainian granny. I love western Ukraine's nature, there are mountains and forests there, the air is clean and fresh. I was 4 years old when my parents decided to move to the Krasnoyarsk, north of Russia. Our family is very friendly. I've got a younger brother, his name is Nikolay. We spent 15 years in Russia and then decided to go back to Ukraine, to Vinnytsa. Unfortunately, my father passed away after two months spent in Vinnytsa. That was a tragedy for us. So, we had to build a new life in Vinnytsa ourselves. I became a student at the university. I live in Vinnytsa on my own. My mother and Nikolay live in the country (40 minutes drive from Vinnytsa). I often go to see them.
I joined the Vinnytsa dating agency for I want to meet a reliable and faithful partner for life, a loving husband for me and a nice father for our future children. I would like to be with a man who is ready to love, understand, trust, take care, help, be tolerant and get the same in return. I need someone to follow along our life way adjusting to both the rain and sunshine.
I am a sociable person of many interests. I love everything in my life - both simple and luxurious things, I like to live an interesting life. I think we all should try to make our life not only longer, but broader while filling it with interesting unforgettable events and impressions. I try not to pay attention to sad and negative events which might happen to me, I know good will always win and fight evil down. All difficulties and troubles just help us value and cherish all wonderful and joyful moments in life.
Many of my friends found their family happiness abroad. Many of them are happy with their foreign husbands and most of them have got children already. I am glad we can use this service for it makes the distance between us much shorter. People may find each other with the help of the dating agency and when two people find each other their lives gain new sense.
I've told you about myself in this letter and if you are interested, Joshua, I'll be looking forward to your reply, I'll answer your every question.
Tell me more about your family, friends, place where you live. Are you not going to visit Ukraine/Vinnytsa in the nearest future? It would be great to meet you and get to know such an interesting person better.
With best wishes,

  from Vinnytsa
P.S. Will you send me more of your pictures, please? It'd be very interesting for me. 

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Hello, Uliana!

My name is Joshua.  I have seen your information on the dating database and thought you were very attractive Vinnytsa girl!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am 34 years old and live in North Carolina.  I am 5"8 tall and 160 lbs.  I have a masters degree in Engineering and have a stable successful career.

I have many interests.  I like traveling, movies, lifting weights, running, playing guitar, the outdoors, dancing as well as trying new experiences.  My friends would describe me as fun, loyal, adventurous, caring and having a good sense of humor.

I have been all over the United States.  I grew up in Boston until I was 15 years old and then moved to North Carolina.  After graduating from college I lived in California for several years. My favorite place that I have visited outside of the country is Costa Rica.  It has live volcanoes, hot springs, rain forests, white water rafting, pristine beaches; it was beautiful.

I am very close with my family.  The majority of them now live in Shelby, North Carolina though I still have some relatives in Boston.  I visit frequently now that I have several nieces and nephews.  One of the pictures I downloaded on the database is with Theo, my Godchild (my best friend's son).  I have never been married and do not have any children.

I do have a dog, who I also downloaded a picture of.  My sister gave her to me a year ago for Christmas.  She came from the pound but we think she is part Husky.  She is very smart and a lot of fun.

Up to now in my life I have been very focused on my career.  I had even started my own business as I embarked down my career path.  I had several american girlfriends though the years, but, having a significant relationship and starting a family was not my primary intention.  My priorities have recently changed.  I'm not sure the reason, but, feel I have been greatly influenced by my siblings and friends having children.  I would like to meet a special person from ukraine/Vinnytsia to share my life and affection with and one day start a family.

I have met several Ukrainian women from Mariupol, Vinnytsia and Poltava, who now live in the United States and feel that I am at a place in life which may be a great match for this situation.

I am looking to find someone from Vinnytsia/Ukraine who appreciates life and is fun to be with.  A women who is adventurous, sweet and kind and has a lot of love to give.

If you feel I may be a good match for you, please write me back and tell me more about yourself, your family and background.

I look forward to hearing from you.

North Carolina, USA

Joshua, North Carolina, USA
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