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Hello Tracy! What will your future wife from Poltava do only take care of you and children or she 'll have the possibility to work or to study?

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Hello Tracy!
I'm fine. And how are you? Hope everything's ok! I'm glad you liked my photos. Thanks for complemanting me.
 I have a daughter. Her name is Katherina. On the 10th of May she was 3 years old. She does not look like me. She is like my dad when he was a child. Though I work to much I try to spend a lot of time with Kate. We like to do a lot of interesting things together to play different games, to go for a walk , to listen to the music, to dance, to draw, to read interessting books, to watch cartoons. She tries to help me in everything. And I of couse help her too. Yes, I work as a teacher at school. I teach foreign literature. I enjoy it very much 'cause I like children. And in time when I'll find my future life partner I want to have one or two children more. As for my parents I'm very close to them. I and Kate live with them. We always try to spend more time together, in the evening we discuss everything that happened to us during the day, we love and support each other in any situation. I have an older brother. He is married and has a daughter. They live separate from us but we meet very very often.

As for my appearance I look like my mom. I like to cook very much. But not always I have time for that. Speaking about music I like to listen to it dependes on my mood. I like to listen to russian/ukrainian singers and as for foreign ones I like Cher, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Avril Lavigne. I don't smoke too and never smoked. I like good movies, especially comedies. Speaking about my clothes I like different styles. It depends on situation, mood. Working at school I must wear costumes. But most of all I like to wear jeans 'cause I feel very comfortable in them. My favourite colours are blue, green and pink. As for  about my moving to the other country to my future life partner if I love him very very much and if I know he loves me and my daughter verry very much too I'll go with him anywhere. I understand that it will be difficult for me to leave my parents but I know they'll understand me and I hope I'll have the possibility to visit them and they'll have possibility to visit me.
And I want to ask you couple questions: What can you tell me about you, your family, your likes and dislikes? What do you do in life? What are your hobbies? What woman are you looking for? How many children would you like to have? What will your future wife from Poltava do only take care of you and children or she 'll have the possibility to work or to study?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
  from Poltava
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Hello Marina.
My name is Tracy. I live in Palo Alto, California, 50 kilometers south of San Francisco.
I was born May 1975, and am 1.79 M, 88.45 Kg, with short brown hair and brown eyes.
     I am an executive for an ambulance company and medical billing company. The picture with the ambulance was taken in November 2013. (I hate having my picture taken, especially since I am not in shape yet. I just bought my entire company a gym membership. Needless to say all my employees want to be my trainer.)
     I love traveling, and the outdoors. I have flown a hang glider, explored caves, and climbed mountains. I enjoy rock climbing, camping, mountain biking and swimming. I play billiards, enjoy eating at restaurants, going to the cinema, listening to music, and taking photos. I also enjoy road trips (Just getting in the car and driving for an adventure.). I like to relax in front of a fire in the fireplace or a campfire. I enjoy sharing things with people I care about.
     In my youth I was in the United State Marine Corps. After the military I was a Deputy Sheriff and preformed Search and Rescue. I have lived in good times and in bad times. I have been shot at in the line of duty, delivered babies and saved peoples lives.
     I am serious about meeting the right woman in Poltava/Ukraine. I am willing to wait until she meets me. I am looking for a best friend and companion. I value integrity and communications. I am learning Russian(Ukrainian) for I believe it can help in a relationship. I do not care where we live as long as we are both happy.
     I would prefer not to have children, but I am open to having up two children. (Of course if we have triplets, three will be ok.) As partners we will discus this together.
     I am a very honest person. I am blunt at times, but I am honest. If you are still reading this we are meant to be friends. Where our friendship leads, we shall see together.
   I want to meet you in Budapest, Hungary, if it is possible. If not, then we will meet in Poltava, Ukraine.  Could you tell me how much a round trip ticket would be for the beginning of December? I appreciate it.


    Palo Alto, California
Tracy from Palo Alto, California
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Hello Marina, my name is Michael. 
People will ask me here in the States if I prefer Michael or Mike.  The people closest to me know to call me Michael.  I live in a small town called Geneva. It is located in the State of Ohio, USA right on the edges of Lake Erie.  Lake Erie is one of the five great lakes in the United States.  Geneva is 45 miles east of Cleveland, which is the closest metropolitan city.
     A little information about myself:  I am 36 years of age.  I am single and never have been married although I have been in two long term relationships.
     I have worked at the same business for 11 years.  I started out at the bottom and have worked my way up the ladder.  I am now a purchasing agent for an automobile parts warehouse.  But, I have also attended may college courses duriing this time and I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage October of 2014.  I got liscenced to practice medical massage in January of 2015 and do that part time.  I hope to one day have my own business in this field.  I have been told that I have wonderful hands. 
    I would very much like the opportunity to communicate with you.  So, if you are interested please don't hesitate to write.  I guarantee that I will write back to you in a timely manner.  If you are interested in what I look like, my picture will be added to my dating profile soon.  I would like to start planning to take a trip to Poltava/Ukraine hopefully sometime this year.
Looking forward to hearing from you and I will tell you more then.  
Have a wonderful day! 
  from Geneva, Ohio, USA
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