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But fist I'd like you to send the picture to the Minsk dating agency as it's rather difficult to speak to a man whom you can only imagine.

for Him

Hello, Greg!
I was glad to receive your letter and I think it'd be great to speak to one another. But fist I'd like you to send the picture to the Minsk dating agency as it's rather difficult to speak to a man whom you can only imagine. besides I don't know the time difference between your town and mine.
well, I'd like to tell you about myself. I am simple Belorussian girl. I study at the Minsk  university, I'll be a teacher. I have to learn one year more. I live with my parents and two cats in our little house with the garden. And what about you? Do you live in the house or apartment?  
Are you the only child in the family?
In the evenings especially in winter I stay at home. I read, watch TV, speak by the phone, listen to the radio or just help my mother about the house. Sometimes my friends and I go to disco to have some fun. Usually I am busy at the university and come home in the evening.
I am not the fan of sports though I go in for aerobics to stay in good shape but I prefer to watch sport programs by TV. Do you like sports? I like soccer, box, figure skating.
tell me about your likes and dislikes.
How do you spend your weekends? Do you like your future profession? What kind of career are you going to make after college?
Minsk is a not small but cozy town. I live downtown. Please write me about your town. is it big or small?
well, I'll finish my letter.
Best wishes,
  from Minsk

I am simple Belorussian girl.

Hello, Irina!

I read your dating profile and saw your pictures and video; I can tell you right now that I am interested in you!

By now, you have seen my picture and you have determined if you might be interested in me or not. I must apologise in advance for this "generic" introductory letter, but since I do not know you yet, I cannot yet write you a personal letter.

In this letter, I will tell you a little about me, what I like and dislike, who I am looking for and where I would like to go from here. Please be patient with me - I tend to write very long letters and that is the only way I write.

I suggest that you get the Minsk dating agency to print out my letter so you can read it when you have a few quiet moments. Take it home, take your time and reply at your leisure. I am in no hurry.

Now, if you will indulge me, I know myself very well, so I have no problem describing myself over several pages! *smile* I hope I do not bore you too much. Again, I ask for your patience and implore your indulgence.

I can assure you of one thing however; I will NOT waste your time.

Time is very precious to me and I have no time or patience for mind-games or playing around. I am very serious in my search for my other half. For example, I have been to Russia twice in the last year - to Moscow, Tver, Tarjok in October 2014 and to Moscow, Tver and St. Petersburg in  January 2015. I am absolutely fascinated with Russian culture and history. I love Russian architecture - so ornate and stylized. It reminds me of Paris or parts of London. (*smile*).

But I am getting far ahead of myself. Allow me to pause, and formally introduce myself.

My name is Greg, I am British and I am 45 years old. I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, on the high northern moors of England, in 1973 and I grew up in Leeds. This makes me a "Man of Mercia", to use the archaic name for that part of the world.

My birthday is July 26th, I am 173cm tall and I weight 98kg. I live permanently now in New England, which is in the north-eastern corner of the United States of America, in the little sleepy seaside town of East Lyme, Connecticut. I live just 8 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. In the next 2 months, I am moving to Vero Beach in Florida, down on the south-eastern corner of America.

I am a Computer Scientist with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics, a Masters degree in Mathematics; I am now slowly working on my Doctorate in my spare time.

I am divorced and I have no children. I live alone with my beautiful cat, Luna. She is a 6 year old black cat that I got from an Animal Rescue Shelter and she is very affectionate. She follows me around all over the house and she loves to curl up in my lap, if I sit still long enough. I absolutely adore cats. I own my house, I am financially stable and quite comfortable.

I have lived in several countries and I absolutely love to travel. The countries I have been to makes a longish list. For several years I travelled extensively on business. So where have I been? Let's see, I've been to several cities in Canada, the USA (where I live now) and to many of the 50 states within the US, several islands in the Caribbean, all over England, Scotland and Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Calais and Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Frankfurt (Germany), Hong Kong, Yokohama (Japan), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela), Islamabad (Pakistan), New Delhi (India). That's all the places I can remember right now - I've been other places but I have to think about it for a while to dredge up the memories - not all cities or places were pleasant experiences. I particularly disliked New Delhi, very depressing place - so much poverty and filth, and Islamabad, Pakistan where I treated very, very badly. But that's a story onto itself that I will tell you some other time.

Places I wish to see are China, Australia, Iceland and most of the European countries I haven't seen yet like Austria and Norway. For some reason, Norway draws me - must be the ancient Viking blood pumping in my veins! (*smile*) That statement is not so far from the truth as you might think - but that is another story that will have to wait for another time!

My favourite city is Paris - I love it, especially at night - it is magical. I have been to Paris several times, and every time is unique and wonderful. I will tell you all about Paris in the future if you are interested.

Paris is my favourite city - but my favourite place in the entire world is Disneyland! I've been to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in California, and Disney World in Florida, USA and I just love it there. Next up, Disneyland in Japan! I could live in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride! I'm just a child at heart.

My sense of humour is very droll and often dry or it can be quite absurd and irreverent; At other times, I can be goofy and silly. I keep myself amused. I love witty repartee and verbal duelling, yet I like silly antics - very childlike in a lot of ways. I laugh at all my own jokes, even the really bad ones. I cannot tell jokes (for example, memorise a joke with a punch-line and tell it) but I have been told by my friends that I am very, very funny because I have an amazing memory for trivial, unimportant, silly things and quick witted repartee. I try not to take myself too seriously *smile* and I often laugh at myself.

I am an honest, straightforward man; my friends describe me as a "straight arrow". My mood is normally very cheerful. I am an eternal optimist (with just a dash of pathos). I believe that every cloud has a silver lining. I do not like negative people - they bring me down. I am supremely confident yet not arrogant or conceited. I am passionate, faithful and fiercely loyal.

I do not smoke and smoking bothers me, I very rarely drink, except for sparking wines, which I rather enjoy in moderation on odd occasions. I am in excellent health, for which I am thankful. I have no phobias, as far as I know - no irrational fear of ....... (fill in the blanks). I have never used illegal or illicit drugs and I never will. My perceptions may be incorrect, but at least they are my own, and not induced by some narcotic. People that use illegal drugs are idiots, in my opinion.

As you see, I hold some strong opinions but I am not self-opinionated or sanctimonious. I can change my opinions if given valid reasons to do so and I am mature enough to be willing to admit I am wrong; I have no problems apologizing. I can usually see any issue from all sides. I am open minded, I like intellectual stimulation and healthy debates - as opposed to arguments, which I dislike. I do not like close minded people, the kind of people with shutters on their minds and blinkers on their eyes.

Things I do *NOT* like are: Discos (but I love Jazz clubs and quite loud music at home and in my cars), rude people, tattoos and body piercing, television, disrespectfulness, unfaithfulness, jealousy, people that speak loudly, dogs (but I love cats), people that have nothing to say, arguments, shouting and angry people.

Things I am *NOT* are: ungrateful, dismissive, niggardly, parsimonious, fickle, feckless, condescending, harsh, crude, callous, heartless or cold.

I can be painfully shy yet I can give a lecture in front of 200 people, I can be a wallflower at a party, yet get up on stage and give a speech before strangers, I can be proud yet be humbled in the presence of truly *good* people. I can be serious, very practical, philanthropic, jaded, magnanimous, very sexual, extremely affectionate, pragmatic, ironic, devoted, faithful, subtle, tactful, cynical, sensuous, grateful, insanely impulsive yet calmly cautious, awed (but not often), in control, focused, direct, distracted, blunt, relaxed, uptight, jovial and happy. It very much depends on who I am with - and how I am treated, is how I will react.

My greatest strength (in my humble opinion) is I NEVER panic - no matter what the circumstances. I have been in life and death situations more than once and I have not panicked. For me, to panic shows a total lack of self-control, and I strongly believe in self-control and self-discipline. My mind rules my body, and so I am continent. I have been - and I always will be - faithful and loyal, for I cannot be tempted by the flesh unless my will allows it. I will return to this theme in a future letter.

And no matter what, I am always decisive! After all, I can always change my mind later *smile*.

By now, having read this wonderful description, you are probably wondering "Who is this Paragon of Virtue? An Angel sent to Earth? Is this man Perfect?" (*laugh*)

Not likely, I assure you, I am not a saint! Far from it! Faults that I have (and I wish I did not have these faults, but I do) are: vengeful thoughts, impatient with fools and idiots, disorganized, too easily emotionally hurt, judgmental, and intolerant of injustices. I have many more faults :o)

But I am never boring!

I am honest and open even with myself. I am not afraid to face my weaknesses and admit to them.

I love conversation, especially on deep subjects, like philosophy, philology, anthropology, origins of the universe, history and cultural inheritance. I am a good listener and I talk quite a lot, but I also like silence. I detest television so I do not watch it. I love movies and I have several favourites. I will discuss movies in another letter.

What do I do for fun? Well, I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much free time, but I love walks in the park, hiking over rolling green hills, picnics, going to comedy clubs, summer music in the park, anything to do with the ocean - but only at night, staring at the stars, barbecues, going to the "open" zoos (where they do not have cages) and sailing.

As my mood dictates, I indulge in driving at insane speeds in my sports car - but mostly I like to go for very long drives through the country at a respectable (and semi-legal) speed. (*smile*)

I collect Queen Anne and Victorian furniture (mostly replicas) and Edwardian trinkets. I love old things and I love going to antique shops and thrift stores and nosing around for bric-a-brac and other nonsense from the last 3 centuries. It's one of the many things I miss from England.

What else? When I am alone, I play music in the car very loudly - and I sing as I drive (completely out of tune *smile*), I love museums, art galleries and theatrical plays like Phantom of the Opera, Hamlet and Othello, and operas like Verdi's La Traviata.

Music is a huge part of my life. I sing in my church choir but I cannot play any instruments (I'm completely useless). I love music, especially live concerts. My favourite artist is Sting and I have seen him live 3 times - front row seats each time. I love his music. My favourite classical music piece is Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov (conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham).

Some of the other artists/bands I love are Bruce Cockburn, George Michael, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Sade, Enigma, Pet Shop Boys, Thompson Twins, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Pavarotti, Phil Collins, Chris Isaak, Shabba Ranks, Metallica, The Police, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kraftwerk, Telepopmusic, Delirium, Vivaldi, Verdi, Bon Jovi, Jamiroquai, Pacebel, Bach, Mozart, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Blackstreet, Sarah McLaughlin, RadioHead, Underworld, Andreas Vollenweider, The Prodigy, Oasis, Everything but the Girl, Manic Street Preachers┘ the list goes on and on and on. My musical library is as extensive as my literary library. My range in music is extremely broad - from Classical to Dub to Techno.

I love all music except Country and Western, Gangster Rap, Gospel, and some Blues music. I like to play music quite loud sometimes - I particularly like excellent quality sound and deep bass.

Like I said, music plays a massive role in my life, as do books. My interests and hobbies are myriad and sometimes mercurial. My true love is etymology. From that love springs philology, history, anthropology, biology, geology, physics, mathematics - and from there it takes me to electronics, computers (and all things computer related), astronomy, archaic and dead languages through music, poetry, mother nature and the nature of mechanical devices which then leads me to very fast cars, exceptional sound systems, and philosophy. I do not fit into any "categories" - my interests are vast and deep. I have many, many interests - more than I can write in several letters. If you are interested, perhaps I can tell you about some of them as we exchange letters.

My latest hobby is learning conversational Russian. Since I learned Latin in school, and Cyrillic is loosely based on Greek, I have decided that it would be interesting to see if I can learn to speak and understand Russian. I started a few months ago - so we will see how it goes. I cannot read Russian yet.

I am very cultured and I am always polite. I open doors, hold chairs, and speak softly. I am a very strong believer in etiquette and decorum. I am well groomed and I like to keep myself immaculate (well, most of the time, anyway *smile*). I like to cook; I make an excellent roasted chicken and a mean curry!

I am family orientated and I am a one-woman man. With relationships, I have learned to be patient and to go slowly, with my eyes wide open.

So what attracted me to Byelorussian women? That is a difficult question to answer in just a sentence or two, but I will try.

From all I have read, seen and know, I am attracted to the "old fashion" qualities that women from the CIS seem to possess. The same value system that is the very fabric of who I am, the same values missing (sadly) from Western women.

The values I seek are honesty, loyalty, honour, courtesy, truth, hope, duty, respect, sacrifice, commitment, faithfulness, courage and undying love.

I am looking for an equal in all things, but not a competitor; life shouldn't be a struggle or a battle. I am seeking someone that appreciates me as a man, a person and a human being, and not by the depth of my wallet and the extent of my gullibility. I am looking for a Belorussian woman and loves being a woman in all ways - as I love being a man. Does this all make sense? I will return to this question often in future letters, because it is the central theme of my life vis-A-vis relationships between men and women. It is also the reason for my advertisement in Belarus.

Do I believe in Destiny, luck, happiness and love? Yes, No, Yes and Yes.*smile* I believe in Destiny very strongly. I do not believe in "luck" - I think people make their own luck (but there is no accounting for the caprices of Fate), I believe in happiness and think all humans should strive to be happy, and I believe in Love. It is what I have sought all of my life. I have attained some measure of love - but not the love I am seeking. True love; grown up love; pure, thrilling love.

I am a hopeless romantic. Completely hopeless. I love sending (and receiving) flowers, whispering sweet nothings under the stars, being silent and staring into the one I love eyes, I love writing long beautiful hand written letters in ink to my sweetheart, buying chocolates, leaving little secret notes, walks on the beach at night, the smell of the ocean breeze while you sit and do nothing but stare at the horizon, just sitting on the couch in each others arms. Like I said, I am a totally hopeless romantic.

Above all I am passionate. I am passionate about things I believe in and I am passionate on behalf of people I believe in. I am passionate about life and believe that life is way too short and should be enjoyed as much as possible (that is why I do not like negative people). I am passionate about the one I love and that passion manifests itself in myriad positive ways. I can be fiery.

Chivalry, courtesy, gallantry, and honour are still to be found in men, or at least, in me.

For I am not "from" these modern times. If you take this journey with me, you will discover that I think and act more like someone out of the distant past. I believe in keeping my Word, I believe in the Truth, I believe in Duty and Honour, and I believe in saying what I mean - and meaning what I say. My usual attire is quite formal, I rarely "dress down" which is quite at odds with this casual modern life. I am very 'old school', from a different age, one might say.

"Manners maketh man", someone said, and so it is with me.

If you have made it this far well done!! *laugh* This demonstrates interest and perseverance. Not many make it this far. (*laugh*)

So I have told you a little bit about me. *smile* Hopefully you now have some small insight into who I am, what I stand for and what I believe in. (You have probably fallen asleep from sheer boredom by now - I tend to drone on quite a bit *smile*).

I have hundreds of questions, but I won't ask them now. Hopefully, you will respond in kind with a long letter and tell me a lot more about yourself. And please send me some pictures in email - especially of your face.

Please feel free to ask me anything, I will answer you.

I plan to visit Minsk/Belarus in October.

I await your reply with bated breath.



  East Lyme, Connecticut
Greg from East Lyme, Connecticut
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