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Now I’ll tell you about my life. I finished school and entered in Minsk Institute soon. After graduating Institute I moved to Gomel.

for Him

Hello, Gerald!
Thank you very much for the letter.
Now I’ll tell you about my life. I finished school and entered in Minsk Institute soon.
After graduating Institute I moved to Gomel. I worked in trade. In 2009 I gave birth to my son. Now he is 9 years old, his name is Vitally. I love him very much and care about him very much. He is very calm, kind, clever boy. I want him to be a real man in future and a good person. But unfortunately, now it is difficult for me to bring him up. He asks me so many question and I think that some of them better to ask man than woman. He needs to have more  communication with man.
Now I work at the bank as an accountant. I like my work very much.
I love nature, I enjoy listening to music, cooking and I also like when it is everything clean in the house. I don’t have bad habits. I’m very exigent to myself before being exigent to someone else.
I’m very strong person by nature. I’m Aquarius by horoscope. I can not speak English but I want to study it.
You see that my family is not big. My parents live close to Dnepropetrovsk (Ukarine) and my older sister lives there. It is everything about me.
If you are interested in me still, I’ll wait for your reply and questions from you. And I want to ask you: How do you imagine your future Belorussian wife? Do you love children? Do you want to have yours? Is it a problem for you to bring up my child?
With the best wishes,
  Gomel, Byelorussia

strong woman Irina Gomel, ByelorussiaI’m very strong person by nature.

Hello Irina,

I hope your last week was good and all is well.  I spent last week in
Mexico.  Mexico is the country to the south of the USA.  I spent a week in
the city of Cancun.  It is a city built for the sole purpose of tourism. It
is located on the Yucatan peninsula between the Gulf Of Mexico and the
Caribbean Sea.  Cancun was built in the middle of the jungle and is sunny,
very hot and humid.  The jungle still remains outside of the city.  People
from all over the world (but mostly USA) travel there each year for

In 1999 my parents bought a Time Share.  A time share is where a group of
people all own part of a villa.  In turn they all have a chance to use it
for a week each year.  My mother has 4 years left on her time share but is
thinking of buying 10 more years.  On this trip my mother took myself as
well as my brother and his family.

I spent most of my time relaxing.  I did take a 4.82km boat ride to Isla
Murez.  (Isla is the Spanish word for Island).  Isla Murez is a small Island
that has little shops all over.  You can take a bicycle around the entire
island in a couple hours.

I also visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.  The Mayans were a
warrior tribe of Indians that lived all over Mexico.  The ruins there are
hundreds of years old.  I walked to the top of a pyramid there.  The Mayan
pyramids are not like the ones in the middle east.  The Mayan pyramids have
steps so the priests could go to the top and preach.  They also had a sport
arena where they played an ancient form of European football (what Americans
call Soccer).

I have included a few pictures.

- Cancun Mexico:
this is a picture of the hotels and beach from the hotel.
Cancun Mexico: a picture of the hotels and beach from the hotel.- Isla Murez:
This is a view of some shops.  I have some better pictures of this Island
but they are not developed yet.

- My Mother:
This picture was taken by my nephew.  It is of my mother and myself.

- Pelican:
This is one of the many Pelicans that fly around Cancun.

- some of my family:
This picture was taken while on a boat ride around Cancun.  In the photo is
my brother and his family.   I am in the yellow shirt.

- View from Villa:
This is the view of the beach that we had from the balcony of our villa.

I had an OK time there.  The tropical climate is not my favorite.   I prefer
the cooler climates.  In the next couple years I hope to get to Europe.  I
would like to see England and the castles of Scotland and even the beaches
of Normandy in France.

I did manage to bring back one souvenir I would gladly return.   I cam home
with a case of Bronchitis.  If you have never heard of it, it is respiratory
disease in which the mucous membrane in the lungs' bronchial passages
becomes inflamed.  It has been making it hard for me to breathe for a few
days.  My doctor gave me some Antibiotics to help get rid of it.  I am going
to go back to work tomorrow but I don't know yet if my lungs are good
enough.  I will find out tomorrow.

  Castle Rock, CO 80104   United States

I am going to start looking for a travel agent soon.  I am hoping to visit
there in late summer or early fall.  I also need to get to Gomel/Belorussia as
well.  What is the weather like there at that time of year?

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Hello My name is John Iam from USA Iam 28 years old
Iam Italian 5'8 height
I own Many Italian Resturants , I live In New Jersey east coast near the ocean.
I can email picture if you want.
Hope to hear from u soon
Guest Guest 5 September 2018 08:53 Reply
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