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I work in Kaliningrad school as a teacher, I like my job very much because my profession is connected with children.

for Him

Hello, Jac!
 Thank you for your letter.
I work in Kaliningrad school as a teacher, I like my job very much because my profession is connected with children, I teach Biology and geography. My children in school are very sincere, they always see and say what they feel. I teach them to think and have their own opinion . I often go to the forest, nature, different competitions, visit museums, theatres. In school we organize school parties, concerts, exhibitions.
 recently we had holiday in school- the day of tourism. The students of my class took an active part, they showed good knowledge with topographical signs,put tents, it was very fun!
 We got lot of positive emotions.
 I am an active, optimistic person.
 I would like to get to know more about you.
 What qualities do you value in people?
 I would like to learn more about traditions and culture of your country.
Please tell me about yourself, your family, work.
 I like nature very much especially sea! It's so pleasant to sit at bank of the sea and listen to noise of breakers. I am a romantic nature, I like flowers and I like to grow home flowers. they inspire me and give positive energy,
I like cooking different tasty dishes and decorate them.
 Jac, I dream of having next to me a person who I can trust to and open my heart for love, I dream to love and be loved!
 I am even ready to swim across the ocean for to give my loving person my care, tenderness.
 I will be finishing my letter and hope to your soon reply.
 With respect and tenderness.
from Kaliningrad
pretty teacher Tatiana from Kaliningrad

Hello Tatiana!  My name is Jac.

I am very interested in learning more about YOU and your family.  But, especially about you. 

I appreciate intelligence in a woman as I would like to have meaningful conversations with my future russian wife from Kaliningrad.  I believe that a marriage is of  TWO souls into ONE.  Therefore both the man AND the woman should listen to the other on all subjects that might effect the marriage, family or their relationship. 

Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself:  First of all, I must tell you that I was married before to a wonderful american lady for over 17 years.  We were VERY happily married and very much in love!  We did everything together.  We traveled, we played and worked together.  We made all important decisions after we discussed them together.  However, she was killed last year in a bicycle accident.  Because of this I have started dating several American women and have found them to be less than I expected.  It has occurred to me that most of the American women who would make good wives are already married.  I'm sure it is the same for you in Kaliningrad.  Most of the Good husbands are already married.  So, this is why I am seeking a wife and soulmate from Kaliningrad/Russia.  I know this will be a difficult task, but I will work toward this goal.  I have much to offer in material things, but these are just "things" and are really of little importance.  What I have to offer is my heart.  And when I find the right Russian lady, she will have my heart, my love and complete devotion.  But, she will have much more that that!  For with my heart also comes honesty, loyalty, faithfulness and respect.  I enjoy treating a lady like a real lady.  I enjoy doing the little things as well as the big things that a man should do for a lady.  I am in search of my soulmate.  I believe that a marriage is really two souls merged into one.  Each person is separate and has their own opinions and ideas, but as a married couple they are really ONE. 

Yes, it is true that I just turned 49 last month.  However, I am in very good physical condition.  I have all my teeth and most of my hair.  I do not smoke or drink.  I eat healthy foods and exercise every day.  I own a successful computer consulting business.  I have a base of about 250 clients (mostly small to medium sized businesses)  I visit several clients each day.  I am well paid for my services.  I enjoy my work because it is different each day and my clients are always glad to see me.  I am there to solve a problem for them.  Some of my clients have become good friends as well.  I am well known and respected in my industry.  I have been in business since 1985.

In my free time I enjoy home improvement projects in and around my house.  I like to build and maintain things.  I also enjoy movies, fine dining, camping, nature, and swimming.  I have several other interests, but I do not want this letter to sound like a list.  As I am sure you listed only a small portion of the things you are interested in doing. 

I must be honest with you (as I will always be)  I am seriously in search of my soulmate.  My goal is to fall in love and be married by this summer.  To this end I am corresponding with several Russian/Byelorussian women.  As soon as I know more about each lady, and can determine if we will be compatable or not, I will be eliminating those ladies that I feel will not be happy with me.  Until I come down to my true Russian love.  When I find her I will marry her as soon as possible.  Of course, she MUST be in love with me too!

Also, if you have an email address I would be happy to email you some additional photos of myself.  If not, I will mail them to you.  Or maybe both.

Well, I will end this letter for now.  I hope I have peeked your interest. I'm planning a tour to Kaliningrad/Russia soon.

Please email and or write to me at your earliest convenience.

Very Sincerely,

   Rancho Cucamonga,  CA  91739
Jac from Rancho Cucamonga,  CA  91739      USA
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