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I work at Volgograd women's clothes shop; I like russian women to look stylish and fashionable.

for Him

Hello Steve!
That was a pleasure to get your new letter ! Thank you for the compliments!
I am doing well and my daughter is all right, thank God.
The weather is still changeable;  but it's sunny and rather warm.
Well,some more information about me:
I work at Volgograd women's clothes shop; I like russian women to look stylish and fashionable.
 My favorite movie is... well, it's hard for me to choose a favorite, I can name several like "Titanic", "Gone with the Wind", "The Dragonfly", I love many Russian movies. I like popular music mostly. Sometimes I am in a mood for very romantic slow tunes and that's when I wish my beloved man was by my side. My favorite actor is Richard Gere. My favorite song is by Celion Dion "Let's Talk About Love", I like the melody very much.
As for sporting events... I like spectacular sports like figure skating, soccer sometimes!, tennis, ice-hockey, etc. I watch Olympic games with pleasure; of course not all sports events but rather many..
So, what do you think, Steve? And the most favorite thing for me to do is to feel loved and give love to someone dear and close to my heart!
I'd like to ask you about your vision of a family. Would you prefer your wife from Volgograd to work, Steve, or to devote herself to her family completely?
I am looking forward to your next letter and a speedy visit to Volgograd!

    from Volgograd, Russia

stylish and fashionable girl Olga from Volgograd, Russia

Hello beautifull Olga!
How are you?  I must be writing a letter to a divine angel since you are so radiant and beautiful, that my fingers are trembling when considering the possibility of not getting a reply from you.  After all, I have not heard of angels typing letters ;-)  Sorry for intruding; I obtained your e-mail address from "Volgograd matchmaking agency", where you registered.  I hope you don't mind me sending you this email.
My name is Steve, I am 39 years old, and live in the United States.  I am an engineer, and work as a product/sales manager for a company in South Carolina, USA, but right now I am in the middle of a transition that hopefully will lead me to live in Miami, my long desire sea side Eden, or a place near the ocean.  I traveled to Volgograd/Russia a couple of times, most precisely to St Petersburg, which I enjoyed very much; that is the closest I have been to Eastern Europe.  I also had the chance to travel to Sweden and Finland in Europe, and Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Chile in Latin America.  My last job allowed me such pleasure.
Let me tell you in advance that I was born in Peru, Latin America and moved to the USA 20 years ago. I speak both English and Spanish. Like all Latins I have black hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes. I am 1.79 meters tall and if you can see from my photo, due to my sedentary life I gained weight (too much business meals with customers and enough time staring at the computer), which I will get rid very soon with lots of exercises and physical workout. But my heart is so big that I want to share my love with someone like you. I am looking for my other half, to start a family together, to have children and raise them properly with love and tenderness, to spend all my life together in harmony and happiness. I hope you can give me the chance to start a correspondence between us. There is nothing to lose, but a lot to gain because there is a possibility that we have been destined to be together. Who knows, that might be the case.
My intentions are very serious. I would like to start a correspondence between us with e-mail letters, and phone conversations. If everything goes well between us, then I would be glad to travel to your home town and meet you personally in Volgograd.
If you are interested, please send me your reply.  If not, just be aware that you have an admirer in the US who was struck by your russian beauty, and will probably take a few days to come back to my senses, but for that I need from you a “no thanks” letter at least.
Take care precious,

    South Carolina, USA
Latin man Steve from South Carolina, USA
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